Access information about the Bradleys Both Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Decision to formally ‘make’/adopt the neighbourhood plan – 22 September 2023

The decision to ‘make’/adopt the Bradleys Both Neighbourhood Development Plan was made by North Yorkshire Council on 22 September 2023. Details are set out in the Regulation 19 decision statement.

 View the ‘made’ version of the Bradleys Both Neighbourhood plan (pdf / 6 MB).

The referendum version of the plan can be viewed below.

Local referendum - July 2023

A referendum relating to the Bradleys Both Neighbourhood Development Plan - the plan - was held on Thursday 27 July 2023.

The referendum question was:

"Do you want North Yorkshire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Bradleys Both to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

Anybody registered to vote in the area covered by the plan was entitled to vote.  More than 50% of those voting voted 'yes', as such the council will bring the plan into force.

Given the positive referendum result, the Bradleys Both Neighbourhood Development Plan now forms part of the statutory development plan for the area, alongside the adopted Craven Local Plan. 

Decisions by the Local Planning Authority and planning inspectors within the Bradleys Both Parish must be made in accordance with all relevant development plan policies, from the Bradleys Both Neighbourhood Development Plan and the adopted Craven Local Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

For information, the specified documents considered at the referendum are listed and can be viewed via the links below, including the Referendum version of the Bradleys Both Neighbourhood Development Plan:

Council decision on independent examiner's recommendations - June 2023

North Yorkshire Council, as local planning authority, accepted the report and recommendations of the independent examiner. Details are set out in the  decision statement of the local planning authority (pdf / 292 KB).

The independent examination - March 2023

The plan, accompanying documents and all representations received during the public consultation were subjected to independent examination by the independent examiner, Mr Christopher Collison BA(Hons) MBA MRTPI MIED IHBC. Other documents were added during the course of the examination, as necessary. The examiner considered whether the plan meets certain basic conditions as set out by law and issued his final report on 9 March 2023, bringing the independent examination to a close. In his report -  examination document ED019 (pdf / 622 KB) - the examiner finds that, subject to specified modifications, the plan meets the basic conditions and other requirements. He recommends that the plan should proceed to a local referendum. 

The documents added during the examination were: 

Public consultation - January 2023

Public consultation on the submitted plan and accompanying documents ended on 30 January 2023. You can see the details in our planning consultation archive.

Submission of the Bradleys Both neighbourhood development plan - October 2022

The submitted plan and accompanying documents: