Information about the control of asbestos, noise complaints and air quality.

Services your district provides

Your district or borough council is responsible for managing the pollution issues below:

Materials containing asbestos are commonly found in buildings. It is not unsafe generally, as long as it remains sealed and undisturbed.

The current guidance is to manage this rather than remove it. Any concerns over asbestos should be made to the environmental health department of your district or borough council.

Disposal of small quantities of cement bonded asbestos

Residents of North Yorkshire can dispose of small quantities of cement bonded asbestos at the following household waste recycling centres:

For safety reasons, cement bonded asbestos must be double bagged or wrapped in two layers of thick plastic. Any joints or openings must be securely sealed with strong tape.

If your material is not securely wrapped in this manner, you will be refused permission to dispose of the material and will have to remove it from the site.

Complaints about excessive noise are investigated by your district or borough council, which can take action if the noise is considered a statutory nuisance.

District and borough councils are responsible for measuring air quality to ensure it meets required standards.

Visit your local district or borough council for more information on these services