The major incident response team offers support in the aftermath of a traumatic incident to anyone affected by the event.

A major incident can be any event that is beyond our usual experience and is, more often than not, caused by external factors. It need not involve large numbers of people, but may leave anyone who has been involved feeling vulnerable and out of control.

An incident may affect those involved, relatives or friends of those involved or even those who see images of the scene.

Some people may need short-term support. Others will need a higher level of support over many years.

The team's 24-hour service offers practical and emotional support, providing skilled, non-intrusive help. We respond to individual needs and the service is confidential.

The team is part of North Yorkshire County Council and the City of York's emergency response. It is made up of volunteers from backgrounds such as social care services, health and the voluntary sector, professionals in their own sphere who volunteer to join the major incident response team. We work closely with other agencies.

When a serious incident happens, it is normal to experience a range of feelings and thoughts. Everyone reacts differently. You may experience:

  • sadness, crying and numbness;
  • anxiety, fear and anger;
  • flashbacks, dreams and nightmares;
  • isolation and shame;
  • loss of confidence, guilt and depression;
  • tiredness and difficulties in concentration; and
  • avoidance.

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