Few would argue that the Yorkshire Dales around Grassington provide a wonderful canvas for visitors to explore, whether they are interested in natural beauty or the sights popularised by television’s All Creatures Great and Small.

Now those wanting a low-impact method of travelling the area have the option of using e-bikes for their journeys, removing the physical demands of conventional cycling without creating an environmental impact through using petrol power.

Grassington E-Bikes was launched by villagers Hilary and Paul Kent, who experienced the fun of riding with electrical assistance on a holiday in Norway and recognised the potential to repeat the experience back home in North Yorkshire.

The new business launch was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions which followed, but is now into its second year and has proved enormously popular, attracting international tourists as well as those more local who want to test the e-bike experience before deciding whether to buy one.

Hilary said: “We wanted people to have fun in the Dales in a different way; it is environmentally friendly and has no impact on nature, which is one of the things we like.

“There are really good rides in this area, so the options are fantastic. People can rent for half a day or a day, but some people rent a bike for a week.”

The cycles can be used both on and off road, providing riders with various options, and many will cover between 35 and 40 miles in a day.

Recent customers have included American tourists wanting to see the All Creatures Great and Small landmarks they recognise from the screen, but a hen party has also been among the Kents’ clients.

Some are surprised by the enjoyment factor, including one woman who started a day’s riding unconvinced with what was a wedding anniversary gift, but returned brimming with praise for the fun the experience provided.