Preparing for adulthood

Information to guide young people who are moving on from being a teenager to become an adult.

Preparing for adulthood is a process that all young people go through when they move on from being a teenager and become an adult.

It is an exciting time but it has been recognised that this can be a difficult time for some young people, especially those with special educational needs and disabilities. It can sometimes take longer and take much more careful preparation than for other young people of a similar age. North Yorkshire has a multi-agency protocol and range of information available to help support this process.

North Yorkshire County Council and other key agencies across health and education have revised the transition policy following the introduction of several new pieces of legislation and the development of new ways of working. 

We have also developed a set of information leaflets to help guide young people and their families through the preparing for adulthood process.

Preparing for adulthood introduction  Full version (pdf / 470 KB)  Easy read version (pdf / 549 KB)
Preparing for adulthood, years 9-11  Full version (pdf / 373 KB)  Easy read version (pdf / 622 KB)
Preparing for adulthood, years 12-14  Full version (pdf / 393 KB)  Easy read version (pdf / 832 KB)
Preparing for adulthood 19+  Full version (pdf / 333 KB)  Easy read version (pdf / 531 KB)

Support planners

Following consultation with families and young people about what would help as they prepare for adulthood, we have appointed support planners across the county. They will contact young people who have an education, health and care plan who are also known to disabled children and young people's services to see what support could be offered specifically as a young person is preparing for adulthood.

The support could be different for each young person or family. It might be a short piece of work to help someone get ready for the first review where there will be a focus on Preparing for adulthood, or a longer term piece of work to help a young person and their family think about all the different things they might want to consider as that young person moves towards adulthood.

 You can read the support planner leaflet here (pdf / 415 KB).