Prevention service

Find out about the children and families prevention service that supports families in North Yorkshire.

The ultimate aim of the service is to reduce the numbers of children and young people requiring more intensive and more costly interventions through children's social care and other crisis led services, by providing timely and effective responses that prevent difficulties escalating.

Our vision is that families in North Yorkshire are able to access readily a range of support to ensure that their children are safe, happy and well, and that they can flourish at school and in the wider world.

Our children and families prevention service brings together a range of preventative work previously undertaken by separate services. The service:

  • operates seamlessly throughout the 0-19 age range;
  • eliminates duplication, unnecessary and unhelpful transitions for families;
  • provides early help in a more targeted way to children, young people and families; and
  • is co-located with the healthy child teams (5-19).

You can  view information about the prevention service in our leaflet (pdf / 272 KB) or read the information in the frequently asked questions below. We have also produced a  flier about the service (pdf / 121 KB) as well as a  booklet about the service offerings (pdf / 967 KB).

If you are aware of a family who you feel would benefit from the prevention service you can  contact an area prevention manager for your district here (pdf / 207 KB).

Developing stronger families

The developing stronger families programme is North Yorkshire's implementation of the national troubled families agenda. This expanded Government initiative, running for an additional five years (2015-20), aims to "turn around" the lives of an additional 400,000 vulnerable families across England.

Phase 2 of the programme continues to support families who have problems around crime, anti-social behaviour, school attendance and unemployment, however it has now expanded its focus to identifying and working with families with a wider range of issues at an earlier stage through targeted intervention and prevention.

The developing stronger families programme works with families with multiple problems, such as:

  • adult unemployment, young people who are NEET or who are at risk of NEET (not in education, employment or training);
  • children not being in school;
  • children in need of early help or on the edge of statutory intervention;
  • family members being involved in crime and anti-social behaviour;
  • domestic abuse; and
  • child and adult health problems, whether mental health, physical health or drug and alcohol misuse.

Please see the  outcomes plan for the programme covering the period 2018 to 2020 (pdf / 410 KB).

    Other resources

      The council provides a number of children's centres running a range of activities across the county. You can find your local children's centre here.

        Short breaks are available to families to provide a break from caring for a disabled child and for the child to have a break from their carers. See more information about short breaks here.

        The healthy child service links health, education and social care to improve the health of all children aged five to 19.

        It plays an important role by working with school and families to address the health and special educational needs of children and young people. We work with parents, carers, teaching staff and other agencies to give confidential health advice and support to children, young people and families.

        You can find out more about the service below.

        Prevention service frequently asked questions

        ​​​Building on the existing North Yorkshire model for developing stronger families, the service delivery has a number of key elements:

        • A lead worker for every family who will get to grips with the family's problems and work intensively with them to change their lives for the better and for the long-term;
        • A single whole family assessment, addressing the needs of all individuals and how they impact upon that family as a whole;
        • A single family plan to address the needs identified and signed up to by each member of that family; and
        • A restorative approach that underpins all aspects of implementation and practice.

        Each family will be treated individually and be at the centre of their plan.

        The children and young people's service of North Yorkshire County Council is the main agency which delivers the service.

        However, due to the cross cutting nature and the individual needs of each family, all agencies have a contributory role to play in delivering change. These include:

        • Schools, academies, pupil referral services, early years settings and providers;
        • Children and families service, including children's social care;
        • Health and adult services;
        • District councils;
        • Community safety teams;
        • Housing services and social landlords;
        • All health professionals, commissioners and providers; 
        • North Yorkshire Police;
        • North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner;
        • Youth Justice Service;
        • Jobcentre Plus;
        • Employment and training services; 
        • Local enterprise partnerships;
        • Drug and alcohol treatment providers;
        • Domestic abuse support services; 
        • National Probation Service and community rehabilitation companies; and
        • Other voluntary and community sector providers.

        Referrals frequently asked questions

        If you have a concern about a child, young person or family and wish to make a referral to the children and families service, please complete the referral form available from the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board and send it to us via the email address on the form.

        If you need advice out of office hours (evenings, weekends and bank holidays), please contact the emergency duty team on 01609 780780.

        The referral process

        See this  referral process (pdf / 90 KB) document for more details about what happens during a referral.

        Speaking to someone before making a referral

        We encourage professionals to approach their local area prevention manager to discuss potential referrals for prevention as well as other provision which may be available locally.

        Area Manager Telephone
        Craven Caroline Porter 01609 533991
        Hambleton North Sharon Britton 01609 533440
        Hambleton South Maggie Mitchell 01609 534029
        Harrogate and Knaresborough Rachel Yeadon 01609 798560
        Richmondshire Jos Mortimer 01609 532282
        Ripon and rural Harrogate Jon Coates 01609 535926
        Ryedale Simon Osman 01609 798167
        Scarborough south and Filey Simone Wilkinson 01609 533435
        Scarborough town Liz White 01609 797464
        Selby town Pat Scully 01609 536823
        Tadcaster and rural Selby Dave Fincham 01609 533421
        Whitby and the moors Diane Leith 01609 533895

        Alternatively, you can contact our customer resolution centre on 01609 780780 and ask to speak to someone about your concerns.

        Developing stronger families frequently asked questions

        Please find updated privacy notices from across the council here.

        Developing stronger families fair processing notice

        The developing stronger families programme* is North Yorkshire's implementation of the national troubled families agenda. The overarching aim of the programme is to support families to achieve positive and sustained outcomes in relation to the programme's six headline areas of focus: crime and antisocial behaviour; poor health; domestic violence and abuse; children who need help; poor school attendance; and unemployment.

        In order to identify and support families experiencing complex difficulties, North Yorkshire County Council and partner organisations in North Yorkshire will be sharing relevant personal information with each other. This is so we can work together in a coordinated way to help each family. Any such sharing will be undertaken proportionately and lawfully for the purpose of identifying and supporting those families with multiple problems.

        Families may be approached by organisations that are involved in the developing stronger families programme or that have previously been working with the family and if so consent for data protection purposes will be established at this point.

        Evaluation of the national troubled families programme: national impact study

        How are we using your information?

        The government would like to understand whether the national troubled families programme has been effective in helping families turn their lives around and whether it is a good use of public money. To do this, the government intends to combine personal data held by local authorities (such as names and dates of birth) with information routinely collected by government departments. This evaluation project is called the national impact study.

        For the national impact study evaluation, we will provide the Office for National Statistics** with a file containing basic information about individuals in families who have given their consent to be part of the developing stronger families programme. The progress of families who have taken part in the programme will be compared with those who have not. This will provide information about how effective it has been in improving outcomes for families on the programme (including offending; employment and benefit status; health problems and use of health services; school attendance; and the safeguarding of children) and will be used to help improve the programme and services families may receive in the future.

        It is important to note that the personal data (names, dates of birth and addresses) will be removed from any combined datasets before they are provided to the Department for Communities and Local Government who will then analyse the anonymised data and produce an impact analysis report for each local authority. This means it will not be possible for anyone to identify individual families from any published report because information will be completely anonymised.

        The combined data on individual family progress will not be shared with North Yorkshire County Council or used to make decisions about the support individual families receive - it will in no way affect any benefits, services or support you may be entitled to. The data can only be used for research with the goal of improving services going forward, and is part of a larger evaluation of the programme. All personal data will be destroyed at the end of the research.

        All data will be transferred, handled and stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Legally binding agreements are in place between North Yorkshire County Council and the Department for Communities and Local Government and agreements are in place between government departments, to ensure that all parties comply with the strict rules on handling, transferring, storing and destroying the data under the Data Protection Act 1998.

        See GOV.UK for further information on the national 'troubled families' initiative.

        *Including services provided by prevention and family intervention teams.
        **Who have been appointed as the trusted third party data processor by the Department for Communities and Local Government.