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We use the YORtender system to issue procurement opportunities and communicate with our suppliers on procurement issues.

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Current procurement opportunities for adult social care and health services

North Yorkshire County Council is commencing a procurement exercise to establish new approved provider lists for both domiciliary care and other regulated services and care homes and care homes with nursing, in accordance with the Public Contract Regulations 2015. Health related organisations within North Yorkshire may be given access to the approved provider lists.

The approved provider lists shall commence from 1 July 2016 and shall run for a period of five years. Applications may be received at any time during this period.

The estimated value of the domiciliary care and other regulated services approved provider list is approximately £90 million (£18 million per annum). The estimated value of the care homes and care homes with nursing approved provider list is approximately £350 million (£70 million per annum). These figures are only given as an indication of the current size of the contracts and do not give any guarantee of future levels of business.

Organisations may complete one application to apply to join one or both of the approved provider lists.

How to submit an application

To access an application pack you should register your organisation details on the YORtender system by creating a username, password and company profile. To view details of this contract, click on the 'Current opportunities' icon, the opportunity should be displayed on the page; alternatively use the 'Opportunity search' icon to find the opportunity. In the search criteria set:

  • Organisation to: 'North Yorkshire County Council'
  • Use the 'Contains' search to search by key word or the contract ID: 9Z5C-AMVOS3 for care homes and care homes with nursing or A79G-BFH6IS for domiciliary care and other regulated services
  • Display tenders to: 'All'
  • Matching categories to: 'All'

Click 'Search' and the details of this contract should be displayed.

Once you locate the opportunity you will need to express your interest by clicking the 'Register' tab which will then allow you to download any documentation required, complete and re-attach the documents to the system.

If you require further information, guidance or support using YORtender please see the YORtender help system. If you have specific system issues please contact the YORtender helpdesk on 0844 543 4579 or email

The application pack is available in alternative formats on request, for example other languages, large print, Braille, etc. If you need the information in an alternative format please email However, application documentation should be completed and submitted via YORtender in order to be processed.

North Yorkshire County Council wishes to award a contract for the provision of a public health medicines optimisation advisory service with a view to the contract commencing in February 2017. No documentation is currently available but the opportunity will be accessible on YORtender by early December 2016.

We wish to invite suitably qualified and experienced providers to submit a bid to provide the service, which will cover drugs and alcohol, sexual health, tobacco control, flu planning, and pharmaceutical needs assessment as a minimum. There may be a future requirement for support in additional public health areas.

We seek a flexible, responsive, rigorous and independent advisory service. Suitably qualified and experienced providers must have demonstrable experience of providing medicines management and optimisation advice in the context of public health.

The provider shall ensure and be able to evidence that the service is provided through the equivalent of 15 hours per week throughout the term of the contract.

The contract will provide professional medicines management and optimisation leadership, advice and support to the public health team on medicine related matters. Once published, further information shall be contained within section 2: the specification.

The contract will be for a period of three years with an option to extend for a further period of one year, plus one year.

The annual contract value is £30,000 per annum; therefore the maximum value of the contract is £150,000. The contract value shall cover all expenses associated with the delivery of the service including travel and any other expenses.

The contract will be awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender to the council and will be assessed according to the criteria set out within the instructions to bidders.

Phase 1 of the procurement process for the re-commissioning of domiciliary care services in North Yorkshire is now complete. A review is taking place to consider the next steps in relation to early planning for Phase 2 of the re-commissioning of domiciliary care services in North Yorkshire.

In brief, Phase 1 consisted of a restricted procurement process for three areas of North Yorkshire: Harrogate town, Selby district and Scarborough town. Following a period of engagement, organisations and individuals were invited to offer their views on how domiciliary care in North Yorkshire can be commissioned most effectively. The feedback received influenced the writing of the specification and tender documents used within a two stage procurement process.

In our August 2014 briefing, we provided an update explaining that 14 organisations were successful at stage one of the procurement process and were invited to tender in July 2014. We explained that the tenders would be evaluated based on a price and quality ratio of 40 per cent and 60 per cent and the top three scoring within each lot would be appointed to the framework.

Following a successful procurement exercise, we appointed three providers to Harrogate and Selby and are in the process of implementing the changes in these areas. We appointed as follows (in alphabetical order):

Harrogate Selby
Castle Rock Recruitment Group Castle Rock Recruitment Group
Continued Care New Concept Care and Nursing
Mears Riccall Carers

We were unable to award contracts in Scarborough and this will now form part of the later phase of the project.

As Phase 1 of the project is now complete from a procurement perspective we are starting to look at options for the remainder of the county.

In order to start this process, staff from commissioning and quality and monitoring held a market engagement event in Northallerton on 9 September 2015 to inform providers of our intentions and to discuss a range of options for how we can proceed with delivering changes to the rest of North Yorkshire. Please see the  presentation (pdf / 2 MB) sent to providers following the event.

If you have any questions about Phase 2 of the domiciliary care project you can contact

Phase 1 information

 Phase 1 briefing and request for information (pdf / 186 KB)

Related information

This draft market position statement as at 5 November 2013 identifies what the future demand for adult social care might look like in North Yorkshire. It is intended to act as a starting point for discussions between the council and those who provide adult social care services. As these discussions progress it is quickly hoped to move to an agreed final version that future commissioning can be based on.

The market position statement contains information about:

  • What North Yorkshire looks like in terms of current and future demography and service provision;
  • Our intentions as a facilitator of care for people receiving adult social care services;
  • Our vision for how services might respond to the changing needs for care and support in the future; and
  • The emerging picture of services within an integrated market with health.

The statement builds and updates on the market dialogue that we carried out in 2009. At that point we indicated that we would develop reablement arrangements and that the bulk of domiciliary care services would be provided by the independent sector. These would also assist us in our aim to reduce the number of people having to move into residential care.

These changes have largely been successful, with the reablement service now established and the continuing reduction in residential placements.

This statement looks forward to how we wish to further develop the market to meet the demands of providing social care across a rural and diverse county.

Download the  market position statement (pdf / 1 MB).

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