Proposed road safety improvement scheme on Sutton Lane

A consultation for proposed road safety improvement scheme on Sutton lane, between Sutton in Craven and Eastburn

To improve safety we are working in partnership with Bradford Metropolitan District Council Engineers to develop a scheme of road safety improvements on Sutton Lane between the villages of Sutton in Craven and Eastburn.

Sutton Lane is a relatively narrow road without footways for much of its length and bordered by drystone walls.  Anyone following this route on foot between the villages has to walk in the road without separation from traffic.

Data shows that there has historically been very few collisions on Sutton Lane and vehicle speed are on average at or below 30mph speed limit. However, the fact that pedestrians are walking in the road it is appropriate to review the situation and identify what measures could be introduced to try to improve safety.

The constraints of Sutton Lane does mean that options are quite limited. The ideal solution for Sutton Lane is the provision of footways along its entire length to provide pedestrians with a designated space. This is only possible however with the acquisition of bordering land within both North Yorkshire and Bradford authority areas. To date it has not been possible to reach agreements for the sale of that land however, this remains as the overall objective and efforts to achieve that will continue.

In the meantime, improvements can still be made and the scheme as shown on the enclosed plan sets out proposals both Authorities would like to install, these are:

  • Pedestrians in road warning signs
    New signs to enhance the message to drivers that there are likely to be pedestrians in the road over a quarter of a mile distance.
  • SLOW road markings
    Installed in support the warning signs and to encourage lower speeds.
  • Carriageway resurfacing
    A new road surface will remove any build-up of vegetation on the road edge maximising its width for pedestrians and vehicles to pass. This will also provide a smooth and unobstructed surface for pedestrians and ideal base for the new road lining and markings. The current road surface is in need of repair so this element of the proposed scheme will delivered as a matter of course.
  • New centre and edge of carriageway lines
    New centre lines and an edge of carriageway lines will provide clearer definition of the vehicle lanes for drivers and pedestrians. This new lining combined with the new road surface will improve the visual aspect of the road and should encourage greater spacial awareness and sense of speed.
  • Extended footways
    Using the grass verge on the north side of Sutton Lane between Sycamore Grove and Knott Lane to extend the existing footway by 70 metres providing pedestrians with greater off-carriageway facilities.
  • New and improved street lighting
    Replacing the existing sodium bulb street lighting with new LED lighting on the West Yorkshire section of Sutton Lane to improve the illumination during dark conditions and conspicuousness of pedestrians or other vulnerable road user, such as cyclists.
  • Continuous street lighting illumination
    For energy saving purposes, the street lighting on the North Yorkshire section of Sutton Lane is illuminated for a set period only. This will be changed to constant illumination during the hours of darkness improving the conspicuousness of pedestrian and other vulnerable road user, such as cyclists at all times.
  • Traffic calming build outs
    The installation of 2 x Priority Working build outs to further reduce vehicle speeds, create a sense of place where drivers can expect pedestrians to be present. This also provides some protection for pedestrian walking the route, particularly at busier times.
  • New boundary signs
    The authority area boundary signs of North Yorkshire and Bradford Metropolitan District will be improved to provide a better sense of place and appearance to drivers that they are in a village environment where they should expect pedestrians and other road users.

Both Authorities are aware of the level of community concern and are keen to engage with residents and other stakeholders to receive any comments you may have about the proposals. You can submit your comments using the following email addresses;

In addition to this postal communication, a public engagement exercise is to be held at Sutton in Craven Community Centre on 21 June between 4pm and 7pm where you will be able to review the plan and speak with Council officers about the proposals or other road safety concerns you may have. 

Should the outcome of this consultation and public engagement exercise be supportive of the proposed measures, work can commence very soon after, starting with the resurfacing of the road and new road markings. It is therefore requested comments be received by 24 June 2022.

A map of Sutton Lane improvements