Rachel Bowes, Assistant Director of Care and Support, knows perhaps more than anybody the great rewards of spending a lifetime career in care.

She started her career as a front-line care worker, working weekend shifts while an A-level student at college and then in a gap year while she decided between nursing and teaching: “I found work in the care sector so rewarding that I abandoned those ideas and stayed on,” she said.

That decision provided Rachel with the opportunities to progress through a successful, varied and satisfying career.

She went on to undertake a wide range of front line and management roles across the care industry, while studying for an Open University degree in social care.

Despite the seniority of her current role, Rachel knows the importance of front line work and the job satisfaction it brings for those involved.

She said: “I have memories which go right back to my days as a new care assistant that I will always cherish. I have met and had the privilege of getting to know people who have left their mark and shaped my approach to work and the way I live my life.

“I feel really grateful to have had that opportunity. I feel really lucky to be in this current role, but nothing beats the satisfaction when someone is unwell or uncomfortable, being able to do something which makes them feel better.

“Working in the care sector is a rewarding experience for many different reasons and we are grateful to those who have chosen to make a career in this area.

“North Yorkshire has many varied opportunities in care and it is possible for colleagues to develop a fulfilling and fantastic career.”