Registration and rehabilitation for people with a visual impairment

If you have been diagnosed with a vision loss, we receive notification of this through a certificate of visual impairment.

We keep a register of these certificates and offer an assessment to people that become part of that register.

If you decide you could benefit from a social care needs assessment following your registration, you can also make use of our rehabilitation service.

This can help you to develop skills and confidence in maintaining or rediscovering some independence, both at home and in the community. Rehabilitation may involve activities such as learning to use a long cane; learning skills to work independently in the kitchen; or learning how to use special equipment for reading and doing tasks such as shopping and paying bills.

This service is usually provided to enable people to become as independent as possible before we would consider any need for long-term support in response to vision loss. In this way, people can remain in control and independent for as long as possible.

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