Information about how to request new street lighting.

We have a power, not a duty, under the Highways Act 1980 to provide and maintain road lighting. We must carefully balance the need for lighting with conflicting demands such as the requirement to reduce energy consumption and minimise CO2 emissions and light pollution.

Parish and town councils have an important role to protect the visual character of their villages and towns. As representatives of the local community, they provide a key communication link between residents and the county council. The local parish or town council is consulted with on most service requests that we receive for new highway assets e.g. road signs, road markings, pedestrian crossings etc to ensure that they are in support.

We would therefore encourage residents who consider there is a need for a new street lighting to discuss the request with the local parish or town council. This is so that they can indicate if they are in support of the request. We are unlikely to authorise requests that are not supported by the parish or town council.

It would be helpful when making your request to the parish or town council and the county council if you could provide the following details to support your request:

  • A plan or drawing of the proposed location of the new street lighting;
  • The reason for the new street lighting to be provided; and
  • Your contact details.

You must make a request for new street lighting in writing by emailing

We only have funds to carry out a small number of requests received. Therefore, approved requests will be placed on a list in priority rank order. The available budget and the type of schemes required will determine how quickly we can work down the list.

Each request for new, additional or improved street lighting will be considered on its individual merits against the following criteria:

  • History of night time traffic accidents; or
  • Incidents of night time crime and fear of crime.