Nursing homes (care homes with nursing) are mainly for people who need 24 hour support and regular care tasks carried out by a qualified nurse.

People who need two people to help them transfer, such as from bed to chair or from a chair to the toilet, may also need a nursing home because of the higher staffing levels.

Personal care will include help with getting up and going to bed, dressing, washing and toileting as necessary and the administration or supervision of medication. Nursing tasks will include dressings, injections, pressure sore care etc. In a nursing care home there will always be a qualified nurse on duty.

Some nursing homes will have a proportion of beds only registered for personal care and the remainder for nursing care, while in others all beds will be registered for nursing.

Contact us for a list of local residential care homes with nursing and to discuss your options. If we can help you, your needs will have to be assessed so we can provide the right type of care and support. You can also search for homes using the Elderly Accommodation Council website and we maintain our own approved list of care homes and care homes with nursing. You can check homes' inspection reports on the Care Quality Commission website.

If your health needs improve, you should always consider whether you still need nursing care.

Social care to suit your needs

You should look at the different types of social care housing available before you decide what would best suit your needs.

Alternatively, you could remain in your own home but with social care support to help you continue to live independently.

Charges you may have to pay in social care housing

You will have to pay for some social housing costs and care services but others may be free or at a reduced level, depending on your financial circumstances.

The amount you have to pay is determined through a financial assessment. Information and advice is available to help you plan for the cost of your social care.

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