Proposal to review financial assistance for people receiving housing support

A consultation on proposals to review financial assistance for people receiving housing support.

We continue to face considerable challenges and difficult decisions on spending and providing services. We need to ensure we can support the people we are obliged to support and, unfortunately, we are not obliged to offer financial support for people who do not have an eligible need for social care or who live in supported housing. We also know that not all people in supported housing have been able to apply for this financial assistance and so this has not been fair.

We are only obliged to offer financial assistance to people who have already been assessed as eligible for social care services. Therefore, we are reviewing financial assistance for people who receive housing support.

The proposal

We are proposing to withdraw access to a financial assessment and therefore possible financial assistance for people with a community / emergency alarm service or who live in supported housing (sometimes called sheltered housing) who do not have an eligible need for social care.

People won’t be affected by this proposal if they receive this service as a result of a social care assessment to enable additional telecare equipment to be fitted.

We won’t change any of the existing arrangements until the responses to the consultation have been considered. We expect to be able to make a final decision in February 2018 and we propose to implement any decision in April 2018.

We estimate that these changes will save £1m every year. Part of these savings will be used to develop the assistive technology service for people with eligible social care needs. This will help vulnerable people to live independently at home and help to prevent the need for more complex services. If the proposal does not go ahead, we will need to look at other ways to make savings, which may impact our ability to develop the telecare and assistive technology service.

Consultation documents

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Deadline for comments

You should give us your views on these proposals by 2 February 2018.

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