Ripon may be small but it has a city-sized sense of community

To the outsider, Ripon may appear something of a contradiction – a community the size of a small town but with ‘city’ status.

That, of course, is down to the city’s Cathedral, which celebrates an important anniversary this month.

But Ripon also has another city-sized facet to offer, the heart of the community.

While numbers of residents may be relatively few – Ripon is one of the country’s smallest cities – they are unapologetically caring.

Those at the heart of the community believe the size of the population may play a part in that, with so many people knowing each other, an instinctive sense of community identity has developed.

That equates to a pride in the city and an instinctive willingness to help others.

In practice, the results of that attitude can be seen on many levels. Our feature does not have the space to focus on everything, but provides a snapshot of some of the reasons Ripon is the city it is today.