Road adoption is when we take responsibility for a road which was previously private.

As the highway authority, we are consulted on planning applications for developments which may affect the road network or include the construction of new roads.

A development can range from a domestic garage to a large housing estate or major supermarket.

As the highway authority, we may require the developer to fund highway improvement works for the proposals to be acceptable. Works must meet appropriate standards to allow adoption into the highway network.

Private street works

There are a large number of private streets in North Yorkshire. For information on how to make up these private streets and have them adopted,  refer to the explanatory note in the private streetworks document (pdf / 267 KB).

Dropped kerbs

A dropped kerb crossing -also know as a verge crossing, footway crossing, vehicular crossing, crossover or access - is required when you want to take a vehicle across the verge or footway to access your land. See the dropped kerbs page for more information.