Safer communities

Find out about the partnership arrangements in North Yorkshire that work to make the county a safer place for all.

Find out how the community safety partnership brings together the responsible authorities, supported by other relevant organisations, to fulfil their statutory responsibilities to work together.

Website: North Yorkshire community safety partnership

Find out how local delivery teams bring together the operational managers of the responsible authorities in North Yorkshire to co-ordinate and ensure the delivery of the North Yorkshire community safety partnership plan.

Website: Local delivery teams

Find out how we work with partner agencies and local communities to support people who are vulnerable to being drawn into criminal activity such as drugs, knife crime, guns, gangs or involvement in violent extremism.

Website: Prevent

Find out about the work of the police and crime commissioner in North Yorkshire and how they aim to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service in the county.

Website: Police and crime commissioner

Find out how the North Yorkshire police and crime panel maintains a regular check and balance on the performance of the police and crime commissioner.

Website: North Yorkshire police and crime panel