Information about our bid for road improvement funding from the Department for Transport safer roads fund.

On 28 November 2016, the Secretary of State for Transport announced a £3 billion roads investment package, including £1.3 billion new roads funding announced in the Autumn Statement.

Of that funding, £175 million is available to local authorities to upgrade 50 of England's most dangerous local 'A' road sections, where the risk of collisions causing death or serious injury is the highest. This list was drawn up by the Road Safety Foundation.

There is funding available to cover the 37 road sections assessed as being 'high-risk' and also the 13 most risky 'medium-risk' roads. We have responsibility for all or part of four roads on the list, of which the A167 from Topcliffe to the roundabout with the A61 (Busby Stoop) is one.

Initially we have focussed on this section of the A167. Bids for Department for Transport funding for the remaining three identified road lengths in the county will be submitted later this year.

The closing date for this bid was 28 April 2017.

Our bid for funding

 Our bid can be found here (pdf / 1 MB).

This bid covers an application for £1.22 million of capital funding to cover the following works:

Scheme Description
Busby Stoop roundabout Improved road lighting provision, signing improvements and higher skid resistance surface on all approaches.
Bend north of Waters House Resurfacing with higher skid resistance material, increased superelevation (slope of the road on a bend) and drainage improvements.
Bend west of River Swale bridge, Topcliffe Vehicle restraint system, signing and lining improvements.
A167 / Allanbrooke Barracks junction Introduction of central islands and bollards to prevent overtaking and provide a safe route across the A167 for bus passengers.
Surface Improvements Resurfacing of A167 throughout 30mph limits of Topcliffe Village to provide a quieter and safer surface, also at other locations where the carriageway surface is poor.
Enhanced drainage Provision of improved drainage throughout the identified A167 section, especially in areas prone to surface water, and where there have been wet weather collisions.
Signing and lining General refreshing of signing and lining along the entire identified A167 length.