Salt of the Earth is a celebration of the warmth and kindness that makes North Yorkshire such a special place.

We know that people in North Yorkshire are the Salt of the Earth, that’s why together with our media partners we’re celebrating acts of kindness in our communities up and down the county.

Throughout 2020 North Yorkshire newspapers the Craven Herald, Darlington and Stockton Times, Harrogate Advertiser series, Scarborough News and Whitby Gazette will all publish #SaltOfTheEarth stories focussing on people who make a difference in their communities and the impact that has.

We hope that as well as celebrating acts of kindness, we’ll also be able to identify and where possible remove barriers.

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Harry Brown has been running around the playground at school to raise money for Cancer Research after losing his Grandad last year, supported by his friends at school.

"Harry is an inspiration to us all. We are so proud that totally off his own back he has decided to do this."

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Vic Smith-Dunn and Michelle Williams help to run a baby bundle appeal for Harrogate and York special care baby units, supporting families whose babies have arrived unexpectedly early by making up bags of essential items. Volunteers include Laura and Paul Morrison, who got involved in memory of their son Jack who was born 13 weeks prematurely.

"If ever there is a perfect example of how a whole chain of kindness can form in and around our community, it is this."

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Maryse Haywood has organised a disco to help her brother Dan Broadhead and other adults with learning disabilities find love.

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Danby resident David Bridge helps his elderly neighbours Peter and Chris Knapp.

Northallerton Living Rooms supports people with mental health challenges.

Chris Porter volunteers for a number of different groups and organisations and was named Craven citizen of the year. He is a passionate advocate for people with disabilities and has cerebral palsy himself.

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"If you show kindness, maybe other people will start to be kind too. Knowing I’ve made a difference to someone’s day is a really good feeling."

Read more about Jasmine, Gwen and Katie.

"I feel like I have a best mate in him, and I rate him ten out of ten.”

Read more about Oliver and Kit van Berckel.

Three years ago Chloe Bellerby was self-harming every day. Now she runs a Facebook group for people with mental health issues. She also delivers inspirational talks in schools to share her own story and let young people know that it’s ok not to be ok. People she’s helped include Harrogate resident Jordan Filtness.

“A little act of kindness when someone is in their darkest moment can save someone’s life.”

Trish Kinsella works at the Rainbow Centre in Scarborough, supporting people in the local community. The Rainbow Centre offers practical support and assistance to people during difficult circumstances.

“Trish is the most dedicated person I’ve ever come across. The care she shows towards people is amazing.”

“He’s just brilliant, the time and energy he gives is amazing.”

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"It’s lovely to be able to share things like tea parties and outings together and to get people out. It’s such an easy thing to do. Small gestures can make a big difference.”

Read more about Judith Simpson.

“Gemma has played a really big part in the school and goes over and above all the time. She truly is the #SaltOfTheEarth.”

Read more about Gemma Kellerman.