Scarborough Spa is a wedding venue in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Scarborough Spa has been welcoming visitors since it's healing waters were first discovered in the early 1600's. These days people are more likely to visit to enjoy music and entertainment as well as the fresh sea air.

Scarborough Spa's fine architecture date back to the 19th Century but is now complemented by contemporary suites and modern facilities.

With stunning views over the South Bay and a mix of indoor and outdoor space, Scarborough Spa offers a unique venue for any marriage or civil partnership celebration. They are also able to accommodate your wedding reception.

Spa Complex in Scarborough

Photos from Scarborough Spa

Below you can find a collection of photographs from past wedding events at this brilliant venue.

Contact details for Scarborough Spa

Website: Scarborough Spa website
Contact name: Naomi James 
Telephone: 01723 376774 
Address: Scarborough Spa,
South Bay,
North Yorkshire,
YO11 2HD