School closures

Sometimes schools need to close because of bad weather, loss of utility services (such as electric, gas or water) or other emergencies.

School closures

For information about an individual school, you should contact the school directly or use the advice below to tune in to local radio for updates.

For school information due to Coronavirus please see our Changes to our services during Coronavirus (Covid-19) page

Headteachers work hard to keep their schools open wherever possible but if circumstances mean that they have to make a decision to close the school or send children home early, there are various ways of contacting parents.

For information about an individual school, you should contact the school directly.

How to find out if a school is closed

Local radio stations play an important part in communications between schools and parents. Once headteachers have made the decision to close their school they will inform the local radio station covering the area in which the school is located and ask them to broadcast a message to parents.

The local radio stations used to broadcast school closure information for North Yorkshire include:

The following radio stations broadcast information for specific parts of the county:

  • BBC Radio Lancashire - 95.5 FM, 103.9 FM or 104.5 FM
  • BBC Radio Leeds- 92.4 FM
  • Real Radio - 100-102 FM
  • Magic FM - 105.4 FM
  • Minster FM - 104.7 FM
  • Star Radio - 102.5 or 103.4 FM
  • Stray FM - 97.2 FM
  • Viking FM - 96.9 FM
  • Yorkshire Coast Radio - 96.2, 102.4 or 103.1 FM

Schools will also have local arrangements in place to make sure that parents and carers are informed as soon as possible. If you are unsure of the procedure at your child's school please discuss this with the headteacher.

For further details of school term dates and training days, please view the school terms and holiday dates page.

We have a  policy for provision of school transport in severe weather (pdf / 130 KB).