School crossing patrols

We provide school crossing patrols at busy sites to help children and adults cross the road.

Wearing bright orange uniforms, they are on duty at school start and finish times and are much appreciated by pedestrians. Drivers, however, don't always treat patrols with the same respect. The law requires drivers to stop when the sign - the lollipop - is held upright and it is an offence to drive through when the sign is displayed. We will pursue prosecutions against drivers who endanger the patrol and those they are helping to cross.

You can help school crossing patrols:

As a driver

  • When approaching a patrol slow down and be prepared to stop if the sign is raised;
  • If stopped, wait a short distance from the patrol. Don't creep forward or rev your engine and don't move away until the patrol is completely off the road;
  • Do not park near or on the crossing point as you could obstruct the patrol's view or prevent them from safely stepping out; and
  • Remember that failing to stop when asked to do so is an offence and offenders are always reported to the police.

As a parent

  • When taking your child to and from school always set a good example and use the patrol. Always encourage your child to go to the patrol point to cross;
  • Follow the instructions given by the patrol. Don't follow the patrol into the road but wait on the footpath until asked to cross;
  • Always cross in front of the patrol, never behind their back; and
  • Crossing the road away from a patrol point or not using the patrol is dangerous and sets a bad example to the children.

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