Work on the final phase of the reconstruction of Selby bypass is now underway and is due to be completed in October 2017.

This will complete the three-phase scheme we have been working on over the past three years to ensure the town has the bypass it needs to support its economic future.

Duration of the work

Work began on 9 August and anticipated to be completed on 13 October 2017. However, the contractor Cemex, will look at extended working, such as night working, to shorten this timescale.

Location of the work and diversions

The final phase of the bypass from the A19 Brayton roundabout to the Thorpe Willoughby roundabout involves deep repair and reinstatement of the carriageway. This phase will include incorporating a stress-absorbing membrane to bring greater stability to the final structure. The nature of the work requires the bypass to be closed along the stretch under reconstruction. 

During the road closure there will be local and separate HGV diversions.

Other sections to be resurfaced in this final phase are:

  • Greencore roundabout and a stretch of the A63 towards Osgodby roundabout. A road closure is required and a short local diversion will be in place. The work will be completed during the school holidays because there is a primary school on the diversion route.
  • East Common Lane, which will be done under a road closure with a local diversion via Abbots Road.
  • A63 from the Thorpe Willoughby roundabout going towards Hambleton over the railway bridge, which will be done under two-way temporary traffic signals.

Advanced notice signs will advise motorists of the area of closure, and the diversion routes will be clearly signed. Details of the diversion routes will be available at

Every effort will be made to discourage traffic from using unsuitable routes.

Progress update - weeks seven and eight

The contractors will be focussing on the mainline section of the A63 over the weekend of 30 September in order to prepare it for the surface course.

The binder course on Thorpe Willoughby roundabout will be completed on Monday 2 October.

The programme of works is for the mainline A63 surface course to be laid from Tuesday 3 October and the roundabout week commencing 9 October under convoy working.

The work is on schedule for completion and the bypass and roundabout will re-open on 13 October as expected.

Progress update - weeks five and six

Work on the Greencore roundabout was completed on 2 September. Work on East Common Lane was completed by 13 September. During the week commencing 18 September work will continue on the main section of the A63 between Brayton and Thorpe Willoughby roundabout with the road being closed to traffic. This work will be done by a work crew working during the day and another during the night. It will also involve switching traffic to the opposite carriageway on the roundabout so work can continue on the southern and western sides.

Progress update - week four

This table lists the programme of work for the next week:

Date Time Location
Monday 4 September Day Main section of bypass
Monday 4 September Night East Common Lane
Tuesday 5 September Day Main section of bypass
Tuesday 5 September Night East Common Lane
Wednesday 6 September Day Main section of bypass
Wednesday 6 September Night East Common Lane
Thursday 7 September Day Thorpe Willoughby roundabout
Thursday 7 September Night Thorpe Willoughby roundabout and East Common Lane
Friday 8 September Day Main section of bypass (golf club junction) and Thorpe Willoughby roundabout
Friday 8 September Night Thorpe Willoughby roundabout
Saturday 9 September Day Thorpe Willoughby roundabout

Progress update - week three

The bypass work continues to progress on schedule, with Greencore roundabout being completed next week.

The temporary traffic signals will be removed again tonight for the bank holiday weekend. This will allow for two-way traffic around the roundabout and alleviate congestion.

Due to high tides the toll bridge has had to open which exacerbates traffic congestion but unfortunately river traffic has priority over road traffic. Since the phase three work on the bypass started the bridge has had to swing on 18 occasions. High water is due tomorrow at noon and a vessel has already given advance notice to come up stream from Goole through Selby.

On Tuesday resurfacing work will start on East Common Lane. A local diversion is in place and the contractors have agreed access arrangements with local businesses.

Progress update - week two

Works are progressing well on site.

Although work only started on the first section of the Greencore roundabout this Monday the contractors have planed out the old surface and laid lower and upper base and binder material.

This weekend the traffic lights at the roundabout will be removed to help reduce congestion, there will be cones on the roundabout so that traffic can only head north and south between the A63 and A19. The section of the A19 between the Greencore and BOCM roundabouts however will remain closed for the duration of the weekend. 

The circulatory carriageway between the A63 entry island / A19 entry island / roundabout central island will be close coned to stop motorists using the roundabout as a roundabout and therefore will function for through traffic only.

The two way lights will be re-established on Monday morning. So that the other area of the roundabout can be planed, based and binder material can be laid traffic will switch over to run on the carriageway that the contractors have been working on this week.

Progress update - week one

Traffic management and diversions were set up for the road closure. The bypass closed at 1pm on Wednesday 9 August. The site office and welfare cabins were set up and planing has begun to remove the old bypass road surface.