As Selby Abbey predates photography by many centuries, it is an inescapable fact that it will be a constant in any record of the town centre.

This image of post-war Selby proves the point, with the Abbey – known by some as the ‘people’s monument’ for its inclusive dominance of the town’s skyline – proves the point.

Some things change, of course. The cars here would be collectors’ items, should they still exist today, and canvas shop awnings are no longer the routine sight they once were.

While zebra crossings are still commonplace, this one looks as dated as the cuff of Dixon of Dock Green’s uniform. It may be the black and white photography.

But the photographer responsible would still recognise the view should they return today, as would those who took in the same sight many years earlier. Many, many years earlier.

This archive image is among more than 6,500 historic views of North Yorkshire available at the County Record Office. Buy a copy or browse the collection.