Services for deaf people who use British Sign Language

Some of our social workers are skilled in using British Sign Language and have background in working with deaf people.

Therefore they understand the cultural differences involved in being a deaf person in a hearing world.

They can undertake social care assessments with adults and also work alongside our disabled children's service in providing assessment to deaf children and young people.

Social workers with deaf people are there to provide or arrange a service to deaf people following an assessment. This may include help with:

  • mental health problems;
  • using local community services;
  • managing practical daily living;
  • making decisions and keeping safe;
  • overcoming communication barriers;
  • work and/or education; and
  • social isolation.

Requesting help and support

If you think you might benefit from social care support, you can our free online self-assessment tool to look into ways of helping yourself with daily activities in your own home.

Alternatively, you can contact us to ask for a needs assessment that will help us provide you with the right type of care and support.

The equipment provided to you would depend on your personal needs. We do not normally provide equipment that is readily available and that people would normally be expected to provide for themselves, for example, telephones.

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