Short-term support, reablement and home from hospital care

We can help you and your carer if you have short term care needs, such as support or rehabilitation when you are discharged from hospital.

Services provided by the hospital

The hospital's discharge planning team will take your wishes into account when health and social care needs are discussed. The hospital will also have patient advice liaison service (PALS) officers, who can provide you with support.

Support from social care services

We can help people who need support short term, for instance after hospitalisation. This service is provided for up to six weeks and aims to help people be as independent as possible. We also offer a rehabilitation service that can help you rebuild your skills and confidence in doing everyday activities.

If you think you may need help when you leave hospital, you can ask to see someone from social care services. We will talk to you about how you will manage at home and what help might be available. We can also see what support needs to be in place before you return home. Looking at your needs this way is called a social care needs assessment.

AskSARA online self-assessment

You can use the free AskSARA online self-assessment tool to look into ways of helping yourself with daily activities in your own home. This is an alternative option to contacting us directly for a social care needs assessment.

People who care for you

If you receive care from a family member or neighbour, they are also entitled to an assessment and may be eligible for support to help them care for you. See the carer assessment page for more information.