No-one wants to catch Covid-19. Infection rates in North Yorkshire remain high, so let’s carry on doing all we can to slow the spread of the virus.

It’s important we all continue to think about how to protect ourselves and respect others.

Remember the basics – wash hands regularly – washing your hands will not only help to protect you from Covid but also from lots of other unpleasant things that you don’t want to catch this winter.

Letting fresh air in is hugely beneficial so if you can have doors and windows open to keep air flowing then please do.

The other big thing we can do that we know makes a difference is pop a face covering on. This is particularly important in enclosed and busy indoor areas and on all forms of public or shared transport, especially if you are in an enclosed setting, like a bus or train with people you don’t regularly mix with.

If you have symptoms, isolate and book a test. And please come forward and get a vaccination. It is the best form of defence.

Remember that some people are more confident than others about returning to normal activities. Some may feel anxious, so let’s help each other to feel safe and supported.

Simple steps can make life better for everyone:

  • Accept that some people will want to carry on with social distancing;
  • Help people find their feet by looking out for neighbours and friends;
  • Suggest meeting outdoors in a quiet place for people who feel anxious;
  • Help people to go at their own pace;
  • If you know people are lonely, encourage them to talk about it and to get help.
  • Help people to spend time outside, gardening or walking or being in a green space to relieve stress;

Find tips to help to ease you back into normal life.

Vaccination is our best line of defence. Make sure you get both of your vaccine jabs as soon as you can. Regular testing, isolating when necessary, wearing a face covering and washing hands regularly are all still important.