Our standards committee promotes high standards of conduct in the council.

The committee assists and advises councillors and the council on ethical issues; monitors the operation of the councillors’ code of conduct; and, where necessary, determines complaints that councillors may have breached the code.


The standards committee has five elected council members:

  • County councillor John Blackie
  • County councillor Andy Paraskos
  • County councillor Caroline Patmore
  • County councillor Peter Sowray
  • County councillor Cliff Trotter

Also invited to meetings of the committee are:

  • Mrs Hilary Gilbertson MBE, independent person for standards; and 
  • Mrs Louise Holroyd, independent person for standards.

The independent persons for standards are consulted on all key standards issues.

Further information

    Our standards committee is supported in its work to uphold high ethical standards by the monitoring officer, who has a key role in relation to the ethical agenda.

    The monitoring officer also has a key role in promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct amongst council members, particularly through support to the standards committee. The monitoring officer provides advice and support to members of the council to help them to follow the code of conduct and the other rules and procedures, and is also the link between members and the standards committee.

    Contact the monitoring officer

    The monitoring officer is Barry Khan. He can be contacted via the following:

    Barry Khan
    Assistant chief executive (legal and democratic services) and monitoring officer
    North Yorkshire County Council
    County Hall
    North Yorkshire
    DL7 8AD

    Tel: 01609 532173
    Email: barry.khan@northyorks.gov.uk

    The standards committee is responsible for all functions of the council relating to ethical standards, including: 

    • Exercising all functions in respect of the publication of independent person for standards' vacancies (sub-delegated to the monitoring officer, in consultation with the chair of the committee);
    • Assisting in the recruitment of independent persons for standards to the standards committee (but not approving individual appointments); and
    • Assisting where requested in the designation and handling of persistent and / or vexatious complaints and complainants.

    See the minutes, agendas and reports page for standards committee agenda, reports and minutes.

    We publish a standards bulletin. You can download the latest copy below.

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