Hallowe’en is here and North Yorkshire’s trading standards officers are offering tips to help families to scare safely this year!


Where possible, use battery-powered tea lights and candles in lanterns and displays. Keep children and pets away from naked flames. Never leave traditional flame candles unattended and do not place them on a flammable surface.

Button batteries

Hallowe’en costumes, accessories and spooky decorations (including the battery-powered tea lights mentioned above) may contain button cell batteries, especially if they have lights or make sounds. Make sure that the batteries are protected by an enclosed secure compartment to ensure the battery is inaccessible.

Button batteries are often found in items such as blinking or non-flashing lights on toys such as headbands and decorations, wands and musical decorations.  These lights and sounds are powered by tiny button cell batteries that are often only the size of a five pence coin. They can easily be swallowed, causing serious harm.

Carefully read the label on the product and ensure it is suitable for the age of your child.

Carefully read the safety and operation instructions and give appropriate supervision at all times.

Three cartoon ghosts

Make sure that any toys, accessories or decorations powered by button batteries have the battery compartment secured with a screw so that a child can’t access it.

If you need to replace button batteries, keep them in their original packaging and store in a suitable container out of reach of children. Remember to dispose of a dead battery, or device containing a battery correctly, as they can still cause harm if swallowed.


Make sure any Hallowe’en costumes, accessories or face paints are bought from reputable shops and are UKCA or CE marked to show compliance with safety requirements. Keep costumes away from candles and open flames.

Find more information on how to have a fun and spooky but safe Hallowe’en from the Child Accident Prevention Trust.