Stopping smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health and wellbeing.

Being smokefree will also protect the health of people around you by reducing their exposure to secondhand smoke. It will also save you money - the average smoker saves £150 a month when they quit.

If you are pregnant, stopping smoking is even more important. Smoking whilst pregnant raises the risk of infant mortality by 40 per cent and can cause many other problems, such as increased risk of miscarriage or low birth weight for baby.

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Quit smoking - Smokefreelife North Yorkshire

You can access free support to help you quit smoking through Smokefreelife North Yorkshire. There is a range of support to suit you, including drop-in clinics, group sessions, online support or weekly one-to-one appointments with a free weekly supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). If you have mobility problems and would prefer face-to-face support home visits are available too. If you are pregnant and would like to quit, you can access the smokefreelife service below, or your midwife might refer you to the service. The service's specialist pregnancy coordinator, Lorraine Dodd, offers a one-to-one service to pregnant women who smoke and their partners. She is a registered midwife.

For more information or simply an informal chat about stopping smoking, please call our friendly team of advisors on 0800 246 5215 or 01609 663023 or text QUIT to 66777.

For more information, please visit or for additional hints and tips to quit smoking 'like' us on facebook and follow us on Twitter @northyorks_sfl. You can find your closest clinic here.

Useful information for how to quit smoking

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