A street café licence allows cafés, pubs or restaurants to sell food and place tables, chairs or furniture on a public pavement.

Unlicensed street cafés will face enforcement action.

Seated areas on non-highway land or other courtyard areas don't need a licence.

A further application would be required to alter any aspect of the street café layout or operation once a licence has been issued.

Applying for a licence

You can apply online for a street café licence. The process will take about three months if no objections are received. If there are objections, it could take up to six months. Licences are valid for a year.

Apply for a street café licence

To help applicants, there are street cafe guidance notes and an  application form (doc / 2 MB) is available. A  renewal form is also available (doc / 2 MB). Return your completed application form with payment to your local highway area office.

 You can view our street café licence protocol in detail here (pdf / 2 MB).

Licence costs

VAT is not payable. Our list of fees and charges are here.