Your district, borough, town or parish council can apply for permission from us to place street furniture on the highway.

Street furniture, such as benches, monuments, planters and trees, can be placed on the highway by district, town, city and parish councils at their expense with consent from us via a street furniture licence.

If you want to place street furniture, you will need to contact your district, borough, town or parish council, which can apply for permission from us on your behalf. A council representative can request new street furniture by completing the  application form (doc / 1 MB) and returning it to the local area highways office.

A successful applicant will be responsible for installing the street furniture using an approved New Roads and Street Works (NRSWA) accredited contractor. If the applicant cannot secure the services of an approved contractor, we may be able to undertake the works through our main highway maintenance contractor. Costs associated with this will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Licence responsibilities and conditions

Once a licence is issued, the licensee will be responsible for the funding and maintenance of the street furniture. There are general conditions attached to these licences and there may be further specific conditions depending on location, size, construction and whether the furniture is permanent or temporary.

All details relating to the design, materials, construction and siting of the item must be agreed by us before work begins. We reserve the right to revoke the licence and remove any item covered by that licence at any time.