The new council will improve quality of life by championing and supporting arts, culture, heritage, sport and the great outdoors.

North Yorkshire is home to thousands of people who create, make and take part. World-class professionals and all of us who listen, watch or join in for fun. As well as a wealth of local history in the traditions, collections, built environment and landscapes of North Yorkshire.

The new council will create a platform to work alongside and invest in all that makes our county one of the best places to live, work and visit. It will bring together our creative and sporting sectors alongside communities, schools, health experts, planners, housing, care services and more to build even further on what has already been achieved.

It will be able to put the county’s great heritage at the heart of its aspirations. By safeguarding and building on the historic identity of North Yorkshire, the new council can develop our market towns, maintain historic landscapes and promote our cultures and traditions as an integral part of delivering for local communities.

As well as being a commissioner of works, large and small, the new council will work alongside the thousands of creative individuals and organisations that make North Yorkshire special. It will work effectively alongside individuals and organisations and back the creative economy.

The new council will take a leadership role in creating places in our villages, countryside and towns that are well-designed and that bring people together. It will have the critical mass and influence to engage with national and regional partners, including neighbouring local authorities, the Local Enterprise Partnership and central government.

As we deal with the challenges created by the pandemic it will be big enough to bring together funding, ideas and talents from all quarters and to take risks in order to build upon the massive contribution they make to the social and economic wellbeing of North Yorkshire.