Read a summary of Covid-19 guidance for all settings.

Workplace settings

Updated guidance covering principles for workplace management to reduce the spread of respiratory infections including COVID-19, can be found here: Reducing the spread of respiratory infections, including COVID-19, in the workplace.

The guidance covers actions which will also help to reduce the spread of other respiratory infections, such as flu, which can spread easily and may cause serious illness in some people.

Ventilation remains a key measure in keeping workplaces safe - for general guidance on ventilation please visit HSE Ventilation in the workplace and government guidance at Covid-19: ventilation of indoor spaces to stop the spread of coronavirus for more detail.

Please continue with existing key measures to keep your workplace clean. This reduces the risk of infection and can reduce sickness in a workforce. It’s especially important to clean surfaces that people touch a lot. Staff can be supported to maintain a clean working environment by providing them with cleaning products, soap and hot water, and/or sanitiser.

Guidance on face coverings and when staff should stay at home can be found in the general public guidance for people with symptoms of a respiratory infection such as COVID-19.

Free testing for coronavirus (Covid-19) from the NHS has ended for most people in England. For more information about testing visit the NHS website, and for an updated list of accredited private Covid-19 test providers, please visit finding and choosing a private coronavirus (COVID-19) test provider.

Education settings

All Covid-specific guidance for education settings has been removed​.

From 1 April, all Covid-19 education guidance has changed, and you should now consult UKHSA’s ‘Health protection in education childcare settings’ guidance for advice on managing specific infectious diseases, including COVID-19: Health protection in education and childcare settings.

Updated guidance on emergency planning and response for education, childcare, and children’s social care settings is available.

For our public health team latest guidance for education settings please visit CYPSinfo.

Care Settings

On 1 April 2022, the Government published updated guidance as part of as part of the final stage Government’s ‘Living with Covid-19’ plan introduced on 21 February 2022. A summary of where guidance about Covid-19 for adult social care providers has been changed can be found at Summary of changes to Covid-19 guidance for adult social care providers.

New guidance for those people with symptoms of respiratory infection, including Covid-19, has also been released: People with symptoms of a respiratory infection including Covid-19.  

See a list of the latest national Covid-19 guidance.  

We produce a regular provider bulletin, supplying relevant information to adult social care providers in North Yorkshire. You can download the latest issues and associated documents on our Adult social care provider bulletin page.


Useful links

Further information and guidance

Visit Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance for a list of all current government guidance Government Coronavirus (Covid-19): guidance including guidance for the public, guidance for non-clinical settings, guidance for health professionals and infection prevention and control.