Supported housing is usually for people with disabilities who need housing-related or care-related support.

People can have their own tenancy and may live independently or three or four people may live at the same address.

Such schemes combine housing, support and care services as an integrated package, tailored to the needs of the tenants. Supported housing is also designed to promote independence and social inclusion.

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Social care to suit your needs

You should look at the different types of social care housing available before you decide what would best suit your needs.

Alternatively, you could remain in your own home but with social care support to help you continue to live independently.

Charges you may have to pay in social care housing

You will have to pay for some social housing costs and care services but others may be free or at a reduced level, depending on your financial circumstances.

The amount you have to pay is determined through a financial assessment. Information and advice is available to help you plan for the cost of your social care.

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