Stage four of the Tour of Britain will visit North Yorkshire on Wednesday 7 September.

The Tour of Britain is a multi-stage cycling race taking place between Sunday 4 and Sunday 11 September 2022. Stage four, on Wednesday 7 September, will see the race return to North Yorkshire for the first time in 13 years.

Stage four is 152km long beginning in Redcar at about 11.30am and will end in Duncombe Park near Helmsley at about 3.30pm.

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Tour of Britain stage four route

Stage four will begin in Redcar and travel along the coast passing through Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay before turning inland and heading into the North York Moors National Park. The final 30 kilometres of stage feature the climbs of Carlton Bank (2km long, 9.8 per cent average gradient) and Newgate Bank (2km long, six per cent average gradient) before descending into Duncombe Park.

Tour of Britain road closures

Road closures will be in place for this event. The vast majority of road closures will be managed using rolling closures, where the roads will be closed for between 30 and 45 minutes to allow the race to pass safely.


Race estimated time of arrival

Estimated road closure


12:20pm to 12:30pm

12noon to 12:45pm


12:20pm to 12:30pm

12noon to 12:45pm


12:35pm to 12:45pm

12:10pm to 1pm


12:40pm to 12:50pm

12:20pm to 1:15pm

Robin Hoods Bay

12:50pm to 1:05pm

12:30pm to 1:30pm

Robin Hoods Bay KoM

12:55pm to 1:10pm

12:30pm to 1:30pm


1:10pm to 1:25pm

12:45pm to 1:45pm


1:10pm to 1:30pm

12:50pm to 1:50pm


1:15pm to 1:40pm

12:55pm to 1:55pm


1:20pm to 1:45pm

1pm to 2pm


1:40pm to 2:05pm

1:20pm to 2:20pm


1:40 to 2:05

1:20 to 2:20pm


1:50pm to 2:15pm

1:30pm to 2:30pm


1:55pm to 2:25pm

1:40pm to 2:40pm


2pm to 2:30pm

1:45pm to 2:45pm

Great Ayton

2:05pm to 2:35pm

1:45pm to 2:50pm


2:15pm to 2:45pm

1:50pm to 3pm

Carlton in Cleveland

2:20pm to 2:55pm

2pm to 3:15pm

Carlton Bank KoM

2:25pm to 3pm

12noon to 5pm (Fixed Road Closure for spectator Safety)

Chop Gate

2:45pm to 3:25pm

2:20pm to 3:40pm

Helmsley High Street and Market Place

2:55pm to 3:40pm

2:30pm to 4pm

Helmsley Castlegate


1:30pm to 6pm (Fixed Road Closure)

Helmsley Buckingham Square


5am to 8pm (Fixed Road Closure)

Finish Line

2:55pm to 3:40pm

5am to 8pm

Race estimated time of arrival is the window in which we expect the riders in the race to arrive at the specific point. It is an estimate based on predicted average speeds and can vary based on weather conditions.

The estimated road closures is the window in which we estimate that the rolling road closure will take place. The actual closure will likely be 30 to 45 minutes within the advised road closure timings. Road closures are managed by police motorbikes alongside event marshals. Road closure times may vary depending on the speed of the race.

Additionally, parking restrictions will be in place across the race route to ensure the safety of the riders, support vehicles, spectators and other road users.

Spectator parking

Please don't park on the race route. Spectator parking is available in the following locations.

    Town centre parking, including disabled parking is available at the Cleveland Way Car Park. What3Words slipped.poses.bright. Additional free event parking is available at Duncombe Park and can be accessed off the A170, What3Words restore.calendars.drew.

    A graphic showing car parking in Helmsley

    Before midday parking is available at the summit of the climb at Lordstones Country Park.

    Parking will also be available in Carlton in Cleveland Village.  This is being provided by Carlton Parish Council.  Parking is free but a small donation to charity will be encouraged for anyone parking here.  Two car parks are available, which will both be signed from the A172. Parking is at What3Words shelters.convey.crib and What3Words slopes.chip.nodded.

    A graphic showing car parking in Carlton in Cleveland

    Parking will be available at Showfield car park, What3Words sprinkler.airports.behind, 5 minutes walk from the town centre.

    Staying safe at the Tour of Britain

    We want people to come out and watch the race and to be confident that they and everyone else can do so safely, so we’re asking people to make sure they follow a few simple guidelines.

    Anyone driving on or near the race route is reminded that there may be more pedestrians and cyclists around and to drive accordingly. Drivers should not park vehicles on the race route.

    Riders pass by very quickly, so keep children away from the edge of the road and keep pets on a lead and away from the roadside. Keep flags and items such as photography equipment out of the road.

    Always face the oncoming riders and race convoy. Turning your back on the race to take a selfie is not a good idea. For your safety, do not climb on walls along the route, particularly on Carlton Bank.

    Businesses, schools and cycling clubs

    There are lots of way that businesses, schools and cycling clubs can get involved in the Tour of Britain:

    Harry and Charlie Tanfield talk about the Tour of Britain route