As we continue to celebrate acts of kindness in communities across the county in our #SaltOfTheEarth campaign, County Council Leader Cllr Carl Les has hailed the remarkable efforts of North Yorkshire folk during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said: “When we launched Salt of the Earth we could not have foreseen the impact of this global pandemic on our communities.

“Despite facing their own hardships and heartache, the people of North Yorkshire are once again proving how resilient and community-spirited they are. I’ve been moved by the countless examples of neighbours looking out for each other and the army of volunteers forming groups in their towns and villages to make sure nobody is left without essential supplies.

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“If there’s one positive to come from this crisis, it’s that incredible response. Never before did it feel more important to pay tribute to the people of North Yorkshire.”

Read below the inspiring story of David Chamberlain, who has devoted himself to making visors for key workers, and look out for more #SaltOfTheEarth stories published by our media partners and on social media all year.

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David Chamberlain is using his ingenuity and creativity to help to keep key workers safe as they tackle the pandemic.

David, 34, has been 3D printing visors from his home in Queen Street, Filey, and donating the finished product to businesses and healthcare workers in the town.

David, who usually works as an international animal transporter, had been toying with the idea since he had to stop working before the lockdown. It’s a long way from his usual role, which includes delivering cats, dogs and ferrets from rescue centres to their new homes.

David has always been interested in technology and bought a 3D printer a while ago.

The first visor he printed took three to four hours, so he looked for a faster solution. After two weeks of research, he found a design that took just 40 minutes to produce. The visors are of simple construction with a 3D printed headband, a 150mg acetate sheet for the faceguard and elastic for the headband.

After an initial donation of 15 masks to Filey Surgery, David received requests from other health care providers and businesses. He soon realised that his production capacity of between 20 and 25 visors a day wasn’t going to be sufficient.

David said: “We can make 20 to 25 per day when the printer is running full-time. I go to bed at 5am and my wife, Gemma, puts the next batch on while I am sleeping. I never thought it would take off. But to date we have delivered 123 visors with another 100 due out.”

Recipients have included Filey Surgery, local care homes, Choice Newsagents and people doing door-to-door deliveries.

As news of David’s endeavour spread across the town, the people of Filey volunteered to help him raise funds to buy more printers, enabling him to increase output.

David said: “The community so far has been fantastic. I’ve never seen them pull together as they have in the last few weeks.”

The fund raising appeal raised more than £1,100 and, assisted by a donation from a community bingo fundraiser, David bought three more printers to enable him to produce visors out.

He said: “I was disgusted by people charging upwards of £120 per visor. Each one costs just £3 to £4 to produce, far cheaper than the amount being charged online.

“However, with the community behind me, I’ve really been able to get the visors out. My wife and I are both happy to do it, because it needs to be done. My aim is to keep going for as long as I can. If people want to help, they can donate through the Paypal link on the Pull Together for Filey-Covid19 Facebook page.”

Lucy Williams, who organised the fundraising campaign for two of the 3D printers, said: “David started making 3D printed visors purely off his own back. He was showing his work on the Pull Together for Filey-Covid19 group and letting the community know he was delivering these free to our key workers in Filey.

“I could see how he was progressing and trying his hardest to protect our community.

“The members of the group were incredibly thankful to David. I contacted him about possibly setting up a fundraiser to help David keep making these all-important visors for our key workers. I put the idea out to the group and everyone was very keen to donate and help.

“The fundraiser was live for three days and in that short time we raised a massive £1,172.81, which meant David could order two more 3D printers and keep buying the materials to produce and distribute these visors.

“The work he has done is incredible. We are so lucky to have a member dedicate his whole time day and night to produce these to help keep our community safe. Filey is just as amazing onating to this cause and raising so much money to keep the cogs turning and vital PPE delivered in our home town. I could not be more proud of everyone involved.”

Dr Mike Shepherd of Filey Surgery said David’s visors had been very much appreciated: “They’re extremely useful, there is a global shortage of all sorts of PPE. He’s also giving them out to the care home, which is very good. He’s doing a sterling job.”

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