The town with a rich history as well as a newly acquired television profile

For a small town, Kirkbymoorside has a remarkably active community, living in an area with a long and vibrant history.

Yet in 2022, the name is perhaps familiar to most people as home to The Yorkshire Auction House, a television show which follows the fortunes of auctioneer Angus Ashworth, his team and those who use Ryedale Auctioneers business.

Television exposure has undoubtedly focused a welcome spotlight on the town and at least some of its residents.

But there is far more to a community which can date its history to the Domesday Book and was given market town status in the 13th Century.

Markets may still have been at the forefront of developments as society expanded in that era and, if so, it could be argued that little has changed.

Because for a town with a population of little more than 3,000, it can boast attributes either absent in many larger communities or facilities which simply do not exist elsewhere.

Kirkbymoorside Environmental Group was formed around two decades ago, when many people were still focusing on issues like climate change.

Refusing to do things by half, its members have set up a series of sub-groups to support key issues, like supporting local energy generation, sustainable transport and reducing the waste generated in the area.

There is a thriving religious community, sports teams and a brass band with an enviable record of success dating back well into the last century.

All these, and more, help to make the town what it is today.

Yet despite the tight-knit nature of the community, unresolved arguments remain – including the spelling of Kirkbymoorside.

An alternative version, without the second ‘k’ has been attributed to the signage used when the railway arrived in the town. Perhaps it is telling that the railway station – and the rail connections that went with it – were lost to the Beeching cuts of the 1960s.