Malton in the 21st century could be argued to be on the crest of a wave… a growing population, ‘Yorkshire’s food capital’ status and recent appearances in lists of best places to live all creating a positive picture.

But the town’s long history, alongside its partner community of Norton, suggests those are just modern incarnations of a centuries-old theme – the Romans, with their sophisticated society, saw fit to spend four centuries inhabiting the area before their empire was driven out of the country.

That occupation set a trend and the Normans followed, helping to begin a long history that saw Malton develop into a thriving market town.

Today’s Malton again features many attributes previous generations may have recognised from a North Yorkshire market town, many independent traders selling their own food produce, largely made with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

It may take business to make a community, but it also takes people and Malton and Norton would be a very different without the people who give up their time for the good of others.

Malton Community Foodbank relies on dozens of volunteers to help those in need of support. Malton Museum relies on volunteers to help to keep it functioning and educating emerging generations about the town’s past, with its large collection of artefacts, including many pieces from the Roman era found during multiple excavations.

An example of society going back to the future, perhaps?