North Yorkshire has 3 members of the UK Youth Parliament who represent the young people in their area and take local issues forward to the national agenda.

The UK Youth Parliament enables young people to use their energy and passion to change the world for the better.

Run by young people for young people, the UK Youth Parliament provides opportunities for young people aged 11 to 18 to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change. Members have the opportunity to be involved in the democracy at a national level. 

Being a member of the youth parliament is very exciting. Throughout your term of office, you will have the chance to get involved in a range of activities. For example, you will meet with MPs and local councillors, organise events, run campaigns, make speeches, hold debates, and ensure the views of young people are listened to by decision makers.

The most important aspect of an MYPs job is to engage with and represent the young people in their constituency on both a local and national level.

Elections to the UK Youth Parliament take place every two years and all young people aged between 11 and 17 are eligible to stand for election. In North Yorkshire we have three members of the youth parliament, with separate constituencies in the East, West, and Central areas of the county.

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Youth Parliament candidates

See our Youth Parliament candidates as well as their reasons for running and their priorities.

Central area candidates

I love history among many other things. We would be nowhere without our history, and we can go nowhere without learning from it. Looking at history you see many struggles between many people, however, I’d argue that lots of our problems come from the stark class divide in the world, our nation, and especially our humble county. I want us to fix the things fuelling the fire of division. Yorkshiremen are proud as am I, which is why I want to improve life for all Yorkshire people in whatever way I can so we can all be proud.

I’m good at school subjects in general, particularly maths and English, not in the revise-all-day bookworm kind of way but more so a natural aptitude for problem solving.

I’ve also worked on many projects in and out of school that have taught me a thing or two about research and finding adequate solutions to problems. This includes being the sport correspondent for my school newspaper. I have grown up in a politically minded household so have always been surrounded by strong opinions and debates which have made me very politically aware and helped to form my own ideas and opinions.

My Priorities

Education needs improving. Boring lessons don’t inspire kids. They destroy the creativity inside us. We need 21st century schools with full history (good and bad) taught, plus life skills in an inclusive environment. I will pressure change everywhere I can.

Youth clubs allow kids to make friends and have fun. I worry too many kids are beginning to forget what activity feels like with so much entertainment in our pockets. I want to make these clubs more accessible and attractive.

Poor public transport has affected many, whether it be no easy bus route to where you want to go or the bus being delayed or cancelled. Encouraging better public transport would help divided communities feel more united.

Unity through equality; of education, opportunity and accessibility.

I live with a disability and I have spent time trying to overcome the challenges associated with autism. I am a strong believer in supporting young people and giving them a voice. I believe schools need help to listen and better understand young people particularly those that struggle. I want to be the voice for the voiceless and be there to stand up for the unheard and misunderstood. I enjoy politics, the natural world and learning more about people. I love spending time with my friends, reading books, graphic novels and being with my cat.

I have spent time on my school council trying to improve the school, helping people and making everyone feel their opinions have been heard and understood. I am also a school ambassador where I enjoy being part of a great team doing great work for the benefit of all.

I want to engage with those around me and those who share my passion for helping others young and old. I am enthusiastic, driven, a hard worker and eager to be the voice for all those people in my area.

My Priorities

I want to introduce fairer GCSEs, with more emphasis on course work assessment and less on an exam. I want to encourage the government to change GCSEs to help increase pass rates and open up more opportunities for young people.

I know people on free school meals, and I know how hard it is for these families. I think the money for free school meals should be increased as prices for food have gone up in schools meaning less choice.

Nobody should not be able to go to their local school. I have personally experienced how schools are not inclusive for people with disabilities and I want to ensure local schools are fully inclusive for all.

I want to be the voice of the young person, tell our story to everyone that will listen, fight for change and inspire those that face daily challenges to reach their full potential as I am proof you can overcome difficulties and succeed.

Words people would use to describe me might be: energetic, dependable, experienced and creative. I think those words sum my personality up perfectly and tie in so closely and effectively with this role. These characteristics also allow me to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis; effectively, creatively and with understanding. The dependability, openness and honesty of politicians has become ever more important recently and I will do everything in my power to ensure that this happens and you are never in the dark. I think that only I can bring the change that people need, very simply because of the reasons above!

I have had a plethora of experience, acquired over a number of years and over a number of roles. These roles include already being part of a youth council, being head of school council and KS2 simultaneously during Year 6. Immediately after joining secondary I became the entire year group’s representative for the whole school council, a position that I have held for 5 years with heated competition each year for re-election. This is simply the tip of the iceberg with the amount of experience I have had through which I have gained difficult skills that can easily be applied to this role, of which no other candidate has.

My Priorities


The main challenge in our area, is the diversity of people we serve. Our community has a huge range of different needs and it is important to educate everyone fairly, especially coming out of the pandemic. Young people should not have their future affect by a pandemic and all future careers should be possible from any background.

Representation of young people

Young people are the youth MP’s boss! I want to hear anything and everything that you want or needs changing. I will be in a role that works primarily for you and allows you to change or achieve anything.


Many young people leave North Yorkshire soon after education due to requirement of further education or a job elsewhere. I want to make young people more employable, with more opportunity, higher wages and more flexible job acceptancy, especially around term time or other commitments.

By voting for me, you vote for someone with unbeatable experience, someone with drive and passion, that when combined can change truly anything that you want changing or need changing.

West area candidates

I am a 16-year-old school student living in the Yorkshire Dales. I am extremely passionate about making a difference in the world and want to help people in whatever way I can. I believe passionately in equality and in making sure everybody in the country and the world has a voice. I think this will help me to become a strong MYP. I have many ideas coming into the role; however, I want to be able to listen to as many other people as possible and create new ideas to advocate for young people.

I believe one of my best skills is teamwork and being able to work well with people. My experience in volunteering for park run and being a member of the student leadership team has helped me work with a range of different people to complete projects.

My communication skills will also help me in this role, as I believe that effective teamwork, and making a difference is reliant on listening to what people are saying. I think many problems can be avoided if we listen to each other, rather than adopting the ‘cancel’ culture that seems to be commonplace today.

My Priorities

The lack of transport in rural areas means many young people can’t travel to events, jobs and opportunities. I would tackle this challenge by working with local authorities to improve availability and cost for young people in North Yorkshire.

I would ensure that young people in rural areas have a voice where it counts. I would use social media to connect with people who live in isolated areas and help to get their point of view across.

If I were elected, I would make sure all groups have an equal voice regardless of race, gender, sexuality or ability. In my role I would challenge inequality wherever I saw it as I believe this is a crucial issue.

Equality, Opportunity and a fair voice for all in our area.

I am currently studying A levels with the hopes of going on to study law and politics at university. Since a young age, I have been very passionate about politics and wanting to make changes that will improve the world around us. I am excited to have this opportunity to engage with other young people and strive towards making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

I would say I am a very driven person, my passion to make change motivates me to ensure I act on whatever I set out to do. What’s more, meeting and communicating with new people whether at work, school or during Youth Council meetings is something that I really enjoy. These skills combined are just some of the attributes I would bring to the role of MYP to ensure I do my best at representing young people within our community.

My Priorities

In the wake of the pandemic, mental health is a huge issue impacting so many young people everywhere. We urgently need to improve the accessibility of resources and support on offer for those who are struggling.

There is a lack of an outlet for young people to share their voice in the local community. If elected, I will campaign to create a forum where issues can be easily and directly fed-back to MYPs and Youth Councils.

Once again following the pandemic, there are limited opportunities for young people in the local area ranging from sports to access to work experience. To tackle this I would like to promote existing and create new, opportunities for young people.

If elected as an MYP I promise to listen and act to make all young people’s voices in our community heard and ensure that changes we need are successfully made.

I’m a vocal member of the Harrogate Youth Council, school sports, the debating team and an RAF Cadet. I am actively involved in humanitarian causes and am interested in politics. I will bring greater diversity and confidence by facilitating discussions between youth parliament, youth councils and schools to consider all experiences, the challenges and aspirations of all young people and portray greater representation in my role as a youth representative. My tenacity will fight the side of young people on the pressing issues faced by our generation. Far too many decisions have been made about my generation without us.

I believe politics should not be for a select few individuals but everyone. I am a selfless, supportive and strategic leader in my community. At school, I have represented my year group at crucial points in our response to covid 19 and the skills I obtained are vital attributes serving as your MYP. Being organised, flexible, resilient and decisive, and above all, loyal. I am always one to stand up for what I believe in and who I represent, albeit in Harrogate Youth Council, RAF Cadets, bite back 2030 and as a vocal member of my School Council.

My Priorities

Fair and equal treatment

We are all impacted by discrimination regarding race, gender, sexuality, or religion. I'll campaign for a responsive PHSE curriculum and enhanced peer to peer education in schools. We must ensure everyone is proud of themselves & are supported to do so.

Positive health and wellbeing

We're experiencing an unprecedented emotional health crisis. It affects everyone and every aspect of our community and is as vital as our physical health. I'll show how language can reduce stigma and will signpost to youth-led support and resources. 

Confidence in our future

The ongoing health and environmental crisis disproportionately impact our generation. As MYP, I promise to investigate funding towards youth services, encourage that no one is left behind and that no decisions about our services are made without us.

We are the leaders of today, not tomorrow – vote Candidate W3 for better wellbeing, fair and equal treatment and confidence in our future

East area candidates

I think the biggest issue facing young people is the lack of funding for mental health and gender services. I would like to see more resources going to CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services), GIDS (gender identity development service), community child psychology care, and other mental health services for young people in North Yorkshire to reduce waiting times and ensure that young people receive the help they need.

I am active in many local communities for young people with a range of different educational needs and disabilities. I will speak to young people from these groups, and the wider community, to gauge with what the big issues are for them, and I will endeavour to represent these issues in the UKYP. I am autistic and have to be home-educated as I was not receiving the support I needed in mainstream school. I believe this gives me a unique perspective and ability to represent often marginalised groups within our community.

I am passionate about what's important to young people in North Yorkshire, and I am capable of being impartial. I will be sure to amplify the voices of marginalised groups.

In my opinion, there isn’t just one issue that young people in this area are facing today. There is so much happening that affects young people including all the changes due to Covid, remote learning, vaccinations, restrictions, facemasks. More generally there is plastic pollution, global warming, mental health support, hate crime, gender identity, university fees, almost every issue that you can think of affects young people in some way. In my opinion though the first issue to tackle is empowerment.

Many young people feel that they can’t change anything, that their opinion doesn't matter, resulting in young people not taking an interest in politics. I would like to encourage young people to take part in their community more by introducing new clubs, and lessons in schools teaching children and young adults about life skills, e.g. more about politics and political parties, gender identity and clubs that interest young people.

I will represent the east of the county by listening to what others say, encouraging discussion and debate, helping other young people have their say by empowering them. I will meet with anyone and everyone who can make a difference, Council members, MPs, business leaders, education leaders. I will organise events, campaign for change and promote our cause through the media.

I genuinely care about the young people of North Yorkshire and their opinions and I promise that the young people and their views will be my number 1 priority.

I would like to improve the number of facilities for young people in the local area as there's not much for teens in small villages. I know quite a few people who tell me they are not good at anything because there's no clubs or activities for them to try. There are activities and attractions in towns around but it’s hard for some people to get there if their family can't get them there and it can be expensive. Lots of young people stay at home a lot because there's hardly any places to hang out with friends. There are parks but they are aimed at younger children. There were rumours of a skate park being built but no such thing has happened. I would like to speak to young people, find out what they're interested in or what they want to learn and provide opportunities for them to happen.

I will make sure I represent young people by listening to everyone and including everyone's ideas on how to fix the area to make it better to live in. I will make sure everyone feels like they have been heard and I will do my best to make it happen. I am fortunate enough to be able to travel places for activities, and I am involved in YMCA shows and the sea cadets therefore I meet a variety of different people so I can get lots of different views and opinions from people.

Young people should vote for me because I will listen to everyone and I'm confident enough to fight for what young people want to see happen.