The UK Youth Parliament enables young people to use their energy and passion to change the world for the better.

Run by young people for young people, the UK Youth Parliament provides opportunities for young people aged 11 to 18 to use their voice in creative ways to bring about social change. Members have the opportunity to be involved in the democratic process at a national level. There are currently over 600 elected members and deputy members of the youth parliament.

Being a member of the youth parliament is a very exciting opportunity. Throughout your term of office you will have the chance to get involved in a range of activities. For example, you will meet with MPs and local councillors, organise events, run campaigns, make speeches, hold debates, and ensure the views of young people are listened to by decision makers.

But the most important aspect of any members job is to make sure they represent the views of young people in their constituency.

Becoming a member of the UK Youth Parliament

We have three members of the youth parliament, who are elected by the North Yorkshire youth voice executive. Elections take place every two years and young people aged between 11 and 17 are eligible to stand for election.

Elections for 2019 are now open. If you wish to apply, please fill in this application form:

UK Youth Parliament application form

The closing date for applications is 14 February 2019.

For more information about the work of members of the youth parliament or the election process, please email You can also read the frequently asked questions:

UK Youth Parliament - frequently asked questions

North Yorkshire elects three members and three deputy members to the youth parliament.

Three applicants will be shortlisted for each of the three areas. These are central (Northallerton, Richmond and Selby), east (Scarborough and Malton) and west (Harrogate and Skipton). Those shortlisted will be invited to attend a meeting on 1 March 2019 at Carlton Lodge, where they will be asked to present their manifesto. Travel will be provided to the meeting. 

Members of the youth executive will then be asked to vote for the three prospective members who will represent North Yorkshire.

The candidate with the most votes will become the member of the youth parliament. The candidate with the second most votes will become the deputy member.

The dates for the election process are:

Date Event
14 February 2019 Closing date for young people wishing to stand as a member of the youth parliament. Applications to be submitted by this date.
15 February 2019 Applicants shortlisted.
18 February 2019 Names of shortlisted candidates for each area confirmed.
1 March 2019 Members and deputies elected by the executive group.
3 March 2019 Elected members and deputies confirmed.
6 April 2019 Training for elected members and deputies.

During their term of office members of the youth parliament will work with their MPs, councillors and local youth voice groups on the issues of greatest concern to their constituents.

Members of the youth parliament are politically neutral. They are required to act impartially and to represent the views of their constituents in their duties.

Nationally, the views of young people are represented in the youth parliament manifesto, which contains statements on the issues members think are most important.

Members across the UK work to give young people a voice by:

  • listening to marginalized groups;
  • organising events and campaigns;
  • meeting MPs;
  • lobbying for change; and
  • appearing in the media, all to amplify the views of their peers.

Members are increasingly being recognised at a local and national level. Some local authorities have given their members equal status to their MPs, and the youth parliament works hard to enable its members to meet regularly with Government ministers, members of the opposition and civil servants.

The role does require a high level of commitment and whilst there is no set hours per week there are a number of key meetings throughout the year you will be required to attend. In order for a member to be eligible to attend the House of Commons sitting a member must have an attendance rate of no less than 75 per cent, so they must have attended at least six of the eight key meetings leading up the sitting.

Where they have not reached the minimum attendance threshold the deputy will be offered the place assuming their attendance is no less than 75 per cent.

The youth parliament recognises the regional boundaries of the UK, as defined by the Government, and has developed a regional group supported by a regional coordinator in each of the nine English regions.

Agreements have been developed with the national youth agencies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (the Scottish Youth Parliament, Funky Dragon - Wales, and the Northern Ireland Youth Forum) to ensure the young people in those areas are represented on the UK Youth Parliament.

Each local authority across England represents a youth parliament constituency. Each constituency has a minimum of one member elected as a representative to the youth parliament. The number of members in each constituency depends upon the numbers of young people in that area. For example, in North Yorkshire’s case, three young people are elected to the youth parliament.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the youth parliament for North Yorkshire, you will need to: 

  • Attend all relevant meetings associated with the work of a member. This includes meetings and activities run by the North Yorkshire youth voice executive. The executive will also support the work of the members of the youth parliament as required;
  • Meet as required with the participation manager; and
  • Ensure that you represent the voice of young people in North Yorkshire.

If you are successful in becoming a member for North Yorkshire, we will:

  • Provide a dedicated manager, to support you in your role as a member of the youth parliament for North Yorkshire;
  • Provide financial support for your role, e.g. travel expenses;
  • Accompany you to meetings, where appropriate; and
  • Assist you with establishing meetings with local councillors and other officers of the council.

Whilst we support both the members and deputies in their roles, financial support can only be provided to the elected members for North Yorkshire. If however, the deputy attends an event on behalf of a member, expenses will be covered.

The dates are:

Date Meeting
12 February 2019 Manager briefing with the youth voice executive from 4.30pm to 6pm
25 February 2019 Youth voice executive meeting
1 March 2019 Youth voice executive meeting at Carlton Lodge
22 March 2019 Youth voice conference
6 April 2019 Induction for new members of the youth parliament
16 April 2019 Youth voice executive meeting
31 May 2019 Youth voice executive meeting
15 June 2019 UK youth parliament convention
16 July 2019 Manager briefing with the youth voice executive from 4.30pm to 6pm
26 July 2019 Youth voice executive meeting
2 to 4 August 2019 UK youth parliament annual sitting
30 August 2019 Youth voice executive meeting
12 October 2019 UK youth parliament convention
1 November 2019 Youth voice executive meeting
8 November 2019 UK youth parliament at the House of Commons
18 January 2020 UK youth parliament convention

Those meetings in bold will count towards the attendance rate for all members and their deputies.

In order to be eligible to attend the House of Commons sitting, a member or deputy will have to attend at least six of the eight highlighted meetings between 6 April and 12 October.

More information

For more information on the UK Youth Parliament go to