We’ve all seen prices on the rise recently, so in this and future columns our Trading Standards team will offer tips that could help you make the most of your money. This issue, we look at unit prices on goods in your regular shopping.

You may already know that goods offered for sale to consumers must have their prices clearly indicated and be inclusive of VAT, but did you know that shops over a certain size (typically those shops that must comply with Sunday trading laws) must also display unit pricing on certain goods?

As well as the usual product price, packaged or loose goods like fruits and vegetables should also indicate how much they cost per unit.

Units are typically in standard measures like 100g or 100ml, but can also be per item if it’s something sold by number. The unit that must be used is detailed in law.

Similar goods should use the same unit so, if you are looking to find the best value product, have a look at the unit price to find out how items in different-sized packages compare to each other.