Today’s generation in North Yorkshire may well associate the town of Richmond with high-profile Conservative MPs.

The constituency is represented by former Chancellor of the Exchequer and leadership contender Rishi Sunak, with the same seat represented previously by William Hague, one time Conservative Party leader who has since become Lord Hague of Richmond, sitting in the House of Lords.

While both men have undoubtedly contributed to Richmond’s profile in recent decades, the town has a history and a personality that extends far beyond politics.

Like many North Yorkshire communities, Richmond is a market town, but despite that similarity, all have a unique set of attributes that contribute to a distinctive personality.

The town is dominated by its castle, an imposing structure that played a significant part in the town’s early history and continues to do so, in the form of a tourist attraction.

Richmond has much to offer visitors, with its Georgian theatre offering a combination of culture and history and The Station repurposing fine old architecture to a modern use.

Much of the activity that makes Richmond thrive, however, can be attributed to one source: volunteers.

Without them, attractions like the theatre and castle would be very different venues and Original Richmond plays a similar role in the district’s fortunes, with independent business owners working together to promote the town to ensure locals and visitors enjoy the best possible experience.