Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Our HWRC are open, and we are operating as normal, in line with any government guidelines. Please continue to respect and protect North Yorkshire.

  • There are no social distancing requirements in place, but please respect those around you and give them space
  • If you need assistance, please ask a member of staff.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of people getting out of a vehicle (apart from children or pets).
  • Trailers are allowed at all sites (apart from Wombleton HWRC).
  • The normal rules will apply for non-commercial chargeable waste and payments will only be accepted using cards, contactless where possible.
  • At Harrogate Household Waste Recycling Centre only, we are not able to accept hardcore and rubble, plasterboard, tyres or asbestos.  
  • Commercial waste is accepted at all sites except Harrogate Stonefall.
  • Wash your hands before and after attending a HWRC

There are charges for disposing of hardcore, rubble, plasterboard and tyres at our household waste recycling centres. Theses items are currently not accepted at the Harrogate centre, but are accepted at other centres.

Charges for disposing of hardcore, rubble and plasterboard

Waste created from improvements, repairs and alterations to your home or domestic property is not household waste and we have no legal duty to accept it.

Most of this type of waste is hardcore and rubble, including breeze blocks, bricks, ceramics including sinks and toilets, concrete, marble and granite fire surrounds, flag stones, gravel, hardcore, marble and granite kitchen worktops, pottery, rubble, sand, slates, soil, stones, tarmac, tiles, window glass or plasterboard.

There are no restrictions on the amount of hardcore and rubble you can bring onto site.

The charges for disposal of hardcore, rubble and plasterboard are per standard hardcore and rubble bag. A sample of the standard bag is available at the sites.

Volume Hardcore / rubble Plasterboard
Standard hardcore and rubble bag £3.10 £3.00

This applies to residents and charities only. Commercial customers will be charged for all of the waste types below.

Waste type Derivatives Chargeable
Ash Aga / fire No
Breeze blocks   Yes
Bricks   Yes
Ceramics Baths Yes
  Bidet Yes
  Plates - cooking pots, dishes etc No
  Shower tray Yes
  Sink / pedestal Yes
  Tiles Yes
  Toilet Yes
Concrete   Yes
  Ornaments No
Fire surrounds Marble Yes
  Granite Yes
  Wood No
Flagstones Paving slabs Yes
Glass Fish / reptile tank No
  Furniture - shelving; table top No
  Greenhouse glass Yes
  Kitchenware including Pyrex No
  Mirror No
  Plate - window Yes
  Shower screen Yes
  Tiles Yes
Gravel   Yes
  Fish tank / litter tray No
Hardcore   Yes
Kitchen worktops Marble Yes
  Granite Yes
  Wood No
Plasterboard Plaster / gypsum and similar materials Yes
Pottery Cups No
  Drainage pipes Yes
  Plant pots No
  Plates No
Rubble   Yes
Sand Play pit No
  Sandbags No
  Sharp Yes
Slates   Yes
Soil   Yes
  Gardening / grow bags / planters No
Stones   Yes
  De-stoning flower beds and borders No
Tarmac   Yes
Tiles Floor / roof / wall Yes
Turf Whole lawn / 'substantial' volume Yes
  Edging No

This table is a guide to the number of hardcore and rubble bag equivalents for items of waste. The number of bag equivalents and charge must be agreed with a member of site staff when you visit the household waste recycling centre.

Item Bag equivalent
Breeze block 1
Bricks (four) 1
Concrete fence post (2.4m x 100mm x 60mm) 2
Kerb pin (1.2m long) 3
Sheet of plasterboard (2.4m x 1.2m) 2
Shower tray 2
Shower screen 1
Sink (bathroom) 1
Sink (bathroom) and pedestal 2
Sink (Belfast kitchen) 1
Sink (ceramic kitchen) 2
Toilet 1
Toilet and cistern 2
Toilet cistern 1

Charges for disposing of tyres

We charge for the disposal of tyres as they are not classed as household waste.

Tyres should be placed in the designated area which will be marked with a sign. This is so they can be recycled. If any tyres are mistakenly placed in the waste for energy recovery container or any other container a charge will still be made.

Band Description Price (each)
A Standard tyre (car / motorcycle / 4x4) - off rim £2.90
Standard tyre (car / motorcycle / 4x4) - on rim £2.90
C Truck - off rim £10.80
D Truck - on rim £13.20
E Agricultural - off rim £18.00
F Agricultural - on rim £23.90
G Solid £13.20

This applies to residents and charities only. Commercial customers will be charged for all of the waste types below.

Tyre type Chargeable
Car Yes
Bicycle No
4x4 vehicle Yes
Motorcycle Yes
Van Yes
Wheelbarrow No
Go-kart (motorised) No
Caravan Yes
Mobility scooter No
Trailer Yes
Children's toys No
Pram / pushchair No
Shopping trolley No
Golf trolley No
Wheelchair No
Lawnmower No
Truck Yes
Agricultural Yes
Earth mover Yes

How to pay for the disposal of this type of waste

On arrival you will need to agree, with a member of staff, the volume of hardcore, rubble and plasterboard or tyres you have. This will set how much you have to pay. Do not empty your car until payment has been made. Only credit or debit cards payments are accepted. No cash or cheques will be accepted.

Frequently asked questions

The charging applies to hardcore and rubble wastes (including breeze blocks, bricks, ceramics (e.g. sinks and toilets), concrete, marble and granite fire surrounds, flag stones, gravel, hardcore, marble and granite kitchen worktops, pottery, rubble, sand, slates, soil, stones, tarmac, tiles, window glass etc.), plasterboard and tyres.

If you dispose of hardcore, rubble, plasterboard and / or tyres at the same time as other waste from your home (household waste) you will only be charged for the part that is hardcore, rubble, plasterboard and/or tyres.

All payments must be made via debit or credit card. No cash or cheques will be accepted.

Yes. Householders, businesses and charities all have to pay to dispose of these items.

Charities and businesses must be registered as a waste carrier and get a waste carriers licence. You must show your licence to the site staff on arrival and complete the paperwork. This is a legal requirement. For more information visit registering as a waste carrier. Failure to provide a copy of the waste carriers licence will result in you being turned away.

Householders do not need to register and will have no paperwork to complete.

If you are unable to pay (for example you have left your debit / credit card at home), you can either phone a family member or friend so they can make the payment for you over the phone, or you will be asked to leave the site and return later with a means of payment. You will not be allowed to dispose of any chargeable materials unless you can pay. You will be allowed to dispose of any household waste free of charge.

If you don't want to pay you will be unable to dispose of your waste at the HWRC. You will need to use another option such as hiring a skip or taking the waste to a private waste management company.

No, everyone has to pay the charges. The costs have been kept to a minimum.

No. Site staff will have a pictorial guide and this will help them assess each load of chargeable waste. They have received full training to help them do this.

You should deliver your waste in something that you can lift to the opening of the appropriate container and empty your waste from. Please do not shovel waste into any container.

If you have more than one load you will have to pay each visit.

By leaving the waste outside the site you are fly tipping. This is against the law and can carry a fine of up to £50,000. Most sites have CCTV and site staff are instructed to gather evidence of anyone fly tipping for possible prosecution.

More information is available on the commercial waste page.

No, the charging only applies to hardcore, rubble and plasterboard.

Edging would be defined as the tidying up of the borders of your lawn to maintain its usual appearance. This waste is free of charge. If you were to dig up your lawn for example to construct a patio, build a pond or undertake landscaping which generates soils, this would be charged for.

If you had a pane of glass from a picture frame this would not be charged for. However, a pane of glass from a window, including greenhouse glass, would be chargeable. This is because the window pane is part of the fabric of the house and therefore classed as construction and demolition waste, not household waste.