Which address to use when applying for a school place

Advice about permanent residence, what to do if you move house, applying to schools across county boundaries, and arriving from overseas.

Your principal, permanent home address is the one that is used to help allocate a school place to your child. Each address in North Yorkshire is located in one or several school catchment areas which help determine which school your child will be offered, if the school you prefer is oversubscribed. You can learn more about how catchment areas work here. The definition of 'home address' or 'principal, permanent residence', for the purpose of school admissions is the address at which your child resides most of the time.

As a general rule, when filling in the application form, you should use your address at the time you submit the form. If that address is in North Yorkshire, no matter where the schools are located in the UK that you are applying to or what your future plans are, then you need to use our application form.

Here are some situations that may apply to you. You may find that more than one is relevant.

Your situation What you should do
You are moving house. You will have completed the move before the deadline. You can use our form as normal once your move is complete and the new address has become your permanent residence. Be aware you may be asked to provide evidence that it is your permanent residence (see below).
You are moving from outside the county to a North Yorkshire address. You will not have completed the move until after the deadline. If you are moving after the application deadline, you need to use the application form of the authority where you currently live. Then when you move, notify us.
You live in North Yorkshire but you want to preference a school outside North Yorkshire. Use our form. You can preference schools located in any UK education authority on the North Yorkshire common application form. We suggest however that you still preference your catchment school. Please read our advice about preferencing before you submit your form.
You are living at a temporary address. We do not usually accept a temporary address if you still possess a property which was previously used as your home address.
You will soon be moving house but not until after the deadline. Give your address at the time of filling in the form. When you move, you need to notify us of the new address. If you move before the 1 March for secondary school applications, or 16 April for primary school applications, you must notify us as this may affect the offer of a school place. Find instructions for making changes to your application after the deadline here
Your child has two home addresses. Please read our advice for separated parents here.

Your permanent principal address is a grandparent’s/friend’s/family member’s address

The family member will need to complete a third party declaration form to confirm you and your child are living at their address. Please contact the admissions team to request this. You will also need to provide two pieces of evidence from list B (see below in 'What evidence of residence do I need to provide').
You are returning to a property that you already own. You will need to provide written evidence of the date you will resume living in the property . If you have rented out this property you need to provide evidence that you have given your tenants notice to leave.

Please have a look at our advice on filling in your schools application form to help you decide which form to use according to your child's age and your circumstances.

We may ask for evidence of your residence at the address you have given us on your form, or the address you are moving to.

If you are moving house, you usually need to provide three pieces of evidence. We will need one document from list A:

List A

  • A solicitor’s letter confirming exchange of contracts on your property sale and purchase;
  • a full copy of your new tenancy agreement, signed by yourself for a minimum duration of 12 months. For a 6 month tenancy we ask for written confirmation from your landlord that they will not issue a 12 month tenancy agreement and the reason(s) why or confirmation that it is a 6 month rolling tenancy with the expectation that you will be in the property for longer than 6 months;
  • a letter from your current landlord confirming the date the tenancy ceased;
  • if applicable, a third party declaration form (if you live with someone else - see the information above); or
  • if applicable, evidence of the date you will return to a property you already own (see the information above).

We will also need two documents from list B:

List B

  • A copy of your driving licence showing your updated address;
  • a copy of your motor insurance showing your updated address;
  • a copy of your removal invoice showing both addresses;
  • a copy of your child benefit award notice; or
  • a copy of your tax credit / benefit award notice.

In some of the circumstances given above, documents from list B will be enough.

Please remember that unless the written evidence provided proves to our satisfaction that you have moved to the address that you have used to apply for a school place, we will not be able to consider your application from your new address.

We have a duty to ensure the allocation of school places is carried out in a fair and equitable manner. Whenever a school place is obtained through the use of a fraudulent or intentionally misleading address, another child is deprived of their rightful place, therefore we check carefully to ensure correct addresses are used to prioritise applications. 

Where the local authority has reason to suspect information in support of an application may be fraudulent or intentionally misleading, a range of checks will be undertaken on behalf of the local authority. This may include a visit to the address in question. If an address used to support an application for a community or voluntary controlled school is found to be fraudulent or intentionally misleading, the local authority reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place. In cases where the application is for a foundation, free, trust, voluntary aided or academy school, the local authority will inform the relevant school of its findings. 

Short-term tenancies (of less than 12 months) entered into for the sole purpose of securing a place at a particular school will not qualify as the 'home address' or 'principal permanent residence'. You should be aware it is not usual practice for us to accept a temporary address if you still possess a property which was previously used as your home address.

If you have reason to believe another parent has not provided the correct information on their application form please contact the admissions, transport and welfare benefits team in confidence. Please note that for the purpose of data protection we are unable to share the outcome of individual investigations.

What if my child is arriving in the UK from overseas?

Here are some situations that may apply to you. You may find that more than one is relevant.

Your situation What you should do

You are living in the UK and you come from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Your child has accompanied you. This includes:

  • the children of asylum seekers;
  • parents who have limited leave to enter or remain in the UK; or
  • teachers coming to the UK with their children on a teacher exchange scheme.
You may apply for a school place in the normal way.
You are an EEA citizen. You are coming to the UK lawfully to work or you have the right of abode in the UK.. You may apply for a school place in the normal way.
You are not an EEA citizen but the child satisfies the requirements specified in paragraph 57 of the current immigration rules. You may apply for a school place in the normal way.
You still live overseas at the time of applying for a school place. We can process your application using your overseas address and a place will be allocated if available. Make sure you read our advice about preferencing.
You are returning to an address in North Yorkshire that you lived in immediately prior to going overseas. You may use that address on the application form as long as you provide evidence to prove residency. If this is not possible, you will need to use an overseas address on the form, and notify us as soon as you have moved to the UK and can provide proof of residency.
You are a member of or family member of Armed Forces personnel with a confirmed posting to North Yorkshire, or you are a crown servant returning to live in North Yorkshire.

We will accept the barrack's address prior to the family moving in, as long as the application is accompanied by an official Ministry of Defence, Foreign and Commonwealth Office or Government Communication Headquarters letter declaring a relocation date. 

You can find more information about school applications for military families here.