We are part of the White Rose Forest partnership, which aims to plant seven million trees across North and West Yorkshire by 2025.

The White Rose Forest is the community forest for North and West Yorkshire, working in partnership with councils, like ourselves, as well as landowners, businesses and communities to plant more trees across the region and improve our natural environment.

The partnership is helping to protect our existing trees and planting millions of new trees in our urban centres and countryside that will help manage flood risk, combat climate change, create jobs and provide happier and healthier places for us all to live, work in and enjoy.

With the help of landowners and farmers, the White Rose Forest Action Plan 2021-25 sets out how tree planting can be accelerated across the region over the next four years to build up to a yearly target of around 3000 hectares per year from 2025 onwards. If we increase woodland cover from 11% to 19% by 2050 we would be able to potentially absorb 50% of all residual carbon emitted in North and West Yorkshire.

The White Rose Forest team can provide a wide range of expert planning, funding and planting support and would like to hear from any landowners or farmers who are interested in tree planting on their land. As set out in the Action Plan, the White Rose Forest can now provide a wide range of funding options for projects of all sizes in North and West Yorkshire.

Find out more about the White Rose Forest and read the full action plan.

The White Rose Forest is supported by a partnership of experts from the Forestry Commission, national park authorities, local government, charities, community groups and businesses in North and West Yorkshire who have all contributed to the Action Plan. The Action Plan is backed by increased funding for tree planting within the White Rose Forest following the launch of the Government’s Nature for Climate fund in 2020.