Information about our work experience placements, their benefits and how to apply.

Work experience allows young people to gain knowledge and skills in a working situation.

We offer work experience placements in services across the county, including schools. Types of placement include:

  • Block placements, usually every day for one or two weeks; 
  • Extended work experience, for example one day a week for six to eight weeks; and
  • Taster days, a half-day or full day to provide an introduction to the workplace or a particular area of work.

Opportunities can be provided in term time or holidays.

Available placements

The  latest work experience bulletin (pdf / 963 KB) details placements that are available across the county.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for a placement, please complete the  work experience placement request form (docx / 28 KB) and email it to the address stated on the bottom of the form. You will need to provide the placement reference code from the bulletin and the dates that you would like to undertake the placement. We will check the availability of the placement(s) and get in touch with you. Work experience placements are very popular, so we recommend that you contact us at least eight weeks before you would like the placement to start.

Further information

Work experience has benefits for school students, college leavers, graduates or young people seeking work and wanting to develop new skills. These include: 

  • Developing new skills;
  • Learning about the services provided by North Yorkshire's largest employer; 
  • Gaining knowledge about a specific job to help you decide whether it's the career you wish to pursue; 
  • Enhancing your CV; 
  • Demonstrating your dedication and commitment to working; and
  • An opportunity to gain a reference from your placement manager.

Find out what working at the county council is like from one of our current work experience placements.

Nathan Lee Baldwin

Age: 17
Location: Stockton-on-Tees
Work placement job title and location: Support worker at Richmond Day Services
Length of time in this placement: Five Wednesdays across five weeks

Your educational/employment background

I am a student at college currently studying in my second year I am hoping to go to University next year.

What attracted you to this work placement?

My mum works at Richmond Day Services for the council and as I am seeking a career in nursing she recommended that I apply to start work experience at the services as it would offer invaluable health/social care work experience for me.

What is your working day like?

I began at 9am and my day finished at 3pm, lunch usually ran for a short time anywhere between 11.45am - 1pm. Different activities ran on these days, for example, two of the Wednesdays involved music classes and lunch club whereas others involved visits to Foxglove covert and watching films.

What sort of support did you receive as a work placement candidate?

The staff made sure that I was aware I could ask for help if I felt uncomfortable or unsafe at any time, and I was asked if I was comfortable with the jobs I was being asked to do on multiple occasions. As well as this I was given a tour of the building to learn its layout.

What have been the best bits?

The best bit was definitely the visit to Foxglove Covert, as I felt the service users were very engaged with the activity compared to other activities such as the music sessions or lunch club. And I really enjoyed seeing the users actively engage with the work and take an interest.

What skills do you feel you have gained from the work placement?

I feel that I have gained better observational skills as I have learned to pay closer attention to the body language of individuals to ascertain how they are feeling and how to respond to the situation and I also feel I have gained better knowledge of how to deal with situations where people may need some extra care or help.

Have the opportunities offered by the work placement had an impact on aspects of your life beyond work, for example increasing your self-confidence or social skills?

I believe that this work placement has certainly increased both my self-confidence and social skills as it has placed me in unique situations I may not have experienced otherwise and I found it rewarding to see the service users benefit from my interactions with them.

How has this work placement helped you to plan your progression into further learning/employment, if at all?

This placement has certainly helped to provide me with part of the experience that I'll need in order to attend a nursing degree at university.