Selective licensing of privately rented properties in Scarborough

Find out about our proposals for the selective licensing of privately rented properties in parts of Scarborough.

We are consulting about the proposed selective licensing of privately rented properties in parts of Scarborough with the aim of protecting tenants and improving the standard of accommodation on offer in the town.

Selective licensing

Selective licensing allows councils to designate areas where there is a high concentration of private rented housing, and where there may be issues of poor property conditions and management within those properties. There may also be associated issues such as high levels of deprivation and anti-social behaviour.

All privately rented properties within designated areas have to be licensed by the local council.

Proposal for Scarborough

Our proposals cover parts of the Castle, Northstead and the Falsgrave and Stepney divisions in Scarborough.

Under the proposed scheme, which would come into effect on 1 June 2024, all privately rented properties within the designated area would have to be licensed by us.

The period of designation would last for five years and include conditions aimed at ensuring licensed properties are:

  • safe
  • meet basic standards and;
  • are managed in a satisfactory way

The landlord licence fee being proposed is in the region of £700 per single household property to cover the five year period of the designation. This will be used for the running cost of the scheme.

Extra charges will apply for multiple household properties. Discounts may be available for landlords applying early or if they are a member of a recognised landlord association.

Some parts of the proposed area are already subject to a selective licensing scheme under the previous Scarborough North and Scarborough Central designations. We are therefore proposing a reduced fee for properties that were previously licensed under these schemes and were fully compliant with the licensing conditions.

Streets included in the proposal

The following streets are within the designated area:

  • Aberdeen Place
  • Aberdeen Street
  • Aberdeen Terrace
  • Aberdeen Walk
  • Albemarle Back Road
  • Albemarle Crescent 
  • Albert Street
  • Alma Parade
  • Alma Square
  • Arundel Place
  • Bar Street
  • Barwick Street    
  • Bedford Street
  • Belgrave Crescent
  • Belle Vue Parade
  • Belle Vue Street
  • Beulah Terrace
  • Blands Cliff
  • Blenheim Street
  • Cambridge Street    
  • Castle Road
  • Clarence Place and Clarence Road            
  • Clark Street
  • Clifton Street
  • Dean Road
  • Durham Street and Place
  • Eastborough
  • Elders Street
  • Falconers Road and Square
  • Falsgrave Road
  • Fire Station Yard
  • Globe Street
  • Hanover Road
  • Harcourt Place
  • Hope Street
  • Hoxton Road
  • Howard Street
  • Huntriss Row 
  • James Street
  • King Street
  • Leading Post Street
  • Market Street and Market Way
  • Marlborough Street and Terrace
  • Merchants Row
  • Morgan Street
  • Nelson Street
  • Newborough
  • New Queen Street
  • North Marine Road
  • North Street (including Providence Place)
  • Northway
  • Norwood Street
  • Oxford Street
  • Palace Hill and Palace Hill Lane
  • Pavilion Square
  • Pavilion Terrace
  • Peel Terrace
  • Princess Square (1 to 3)
  • Prospect Place
  • Prospect Road (1 to 39 odds only)
  • Queen Street
  • Queens Parade (including Blenheim Terrace and Rutland Terrace)
  • Queens Terrace
  • Regent Street
  • Sandringham Street
  • Sherwood Street
  • Silver Street
  • Stanley Street
  • St Helens Square
  • St Nicholas Street
  • St Sepulchre Street
  • St Thomas Street
  • Sussex Street
  • Swan Hill Road
  • Sydney Street
  • Tindall Street
  • Trafalgar Road
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Trafalgar Street West
  • Trafalgar Terrace
  • Union Street
  • Vincent Street    
  • Valley Bridge Parade
  • Vernon Road (1 to 6)
  • Victoria Parade
  • Victoria Road
  • Victoria Street
  • Vine Street
  • West Square
  • Westborough
  • Westwood
  • William Street
  • Wrea Lane

View a  map of the proposed selective licensing area (pdf / 5 MB).

Background information

Business case for designation of an area for selective licensing

View background information on our business case page.

Take part in the consultation

Complete our online questionnaire

Information sessions

If you would like more information face-to-face, you can attend one of the following information sessions at the Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough, YO11 2HG:

  • Thursday 21 September - from 1.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Monday 2 October - from 1.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Tuesday 24 October - from 1.30pm to 5.30pm

A questionnaire and information about the scheme, including the proposed list of streets included, is being sent to all residents and businesses, as well as landlords and managing agents of privately rented properties in the proposed area.

Our consultation is open until Friday 10 November 2023.