Yellow box junction in Selby consultation

Find out about our proposal for using automatic number plate recognition cameras to enforce restrictions on the A1238 / A19 yellow box junction in Selby.

In 2004, the Traffic Management Act introduced civil enforcement of traffic offences in England and Wales. The act was subsequently laid before Parliament in 2022, granting local authorities’ powers to enforce minor traffic offences. 

These offences include contraventions such as:

  • driving in cycle lanes
  • failing to adhere to one-way systems and no entry signs
  • entering yellow box junctions and failing to give priority to ongoing traffic

In order for local authorities to be granted these powers, they must apply to the Department for Transport by 25 October, highlighting at least one area that needs to be consulted on and submitted as a pilot scheme.

We have concerns around vehicles ignoring the yellow box junction on the A1238 / A19 yellow box junction in Selby, creating a risk to road users and causing unnecessary congestion. 

We intend to apply to the Department for Transport for this junction to be submitted as a pilot scheme to:

  • improve traffic flow
  • reduce obstruction
  • make it safer for all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians

Before submitting the scheme, we would like to hear from all road users, residents, businesses and anyone else who may be affected by this proposal.

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Our consultation closes on Monday 23 October 2023.