Protecting yourself in emergencies

Find out how to create a household emergency plan and what to consider when writing it.

If you are not involved in the emergency but are close by, or think you are at risk, go inside. Close all doors and windows, stay in your home, school or workplace and listen to local radio and TV stations for updates until you are told it is safe to leave.

What you can do to prepare

Make sure your family know what to do by creating a household plan. This could help you deal with the situation quickly and effectively. 

Fill out the household emergency plan template - contact us to send you a copy.

Writing a household plan

You should:

  • identify possible exit and escape routes from your house. It is good to have a few alternatives in case one route is blocked
  • agree a couple of meeting points to meet up with members of your family in case you cannot return home because of an incident
  • create your grab bag 
  • ensure you, and everyone in your family knows, where the stop taps for your water, gas and electricity are
  • check your insurance policy is up to date and correct
  • find out which local radio stations you can tune in to for the latest information during an emergency
  • remember to review your plan a few times a year with family members to make sure everyone knows what to do in an emergency