We work with the prevention service to offer early help to children and young people at risk of getting into trouble, and their families.

The prevention service

Prevention service staff have a wide range of skills and expertise. Based in local hubs they ensure that children, young people and families have quick and easy access to the best possible support and help, when they need it.

The youth justice service works in partnership with the prevention service with several staff members working in local hubs. They work with young people who have received youth cautions, those on the edge of crime and young people who are at risk of getting into trouble.

Targeting young people at an early stage can help prevent escalation into the youth justice system, and help stop future offending, which protects the public from harm.

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Youth justice service strategic plan

The  North Yorkshire youth justice service strategic plan for 2017-18 (pdf / 2 MB) is available to read.

Multisystemic therapy

Multisystemic therapy is an intensive service that meets with families in their own homes to help deal with the causes of a young person’s difficult or challenging behaviour. It supports people aged 11 to 17 years who live at home and need help to:

  • attend school and be successful in school;
  • improve family life and make home a safe place;
  • stop offending and anti-social behaviour;
  • reduce/stop drug and alcohol use; and
  • keep young people living at home.

Multisystemic therapy works with all aspects of a young person’s life, such as school, friends, family and their community in order to understand and help with these difficulties.

What happens with multisystemic therapy?

Multisystemic therapy lasts around three to five months depending on the help needed and will usually aim to provide parents or carers with the skills and resources they need to address the young person’s behavioural difficulties. A therapist will visit families at home, usually three times a week, to help reach the set goals.

Multisystemic therapy is available in the Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale areas, with potential for the project to expand across North Yorkshire.

For more information including the referral process contact Jade Gooch (MST programme manager) - jade.gooch@northyorks.gov.uk.

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