Eligible needs of carers

We have a duty to meet the eligible needs of carers who are providing necessary care and support for an adult.

A carer will have eligible needs if they meet all of the following:

  • you provide necessary care and support to someone
  • your physical or mental health is affected or at risk of deteriorating
  • you are unable to achieve any of the specified outcomes
  • there is a significant impact on your wellbeing as a result

Carer needs assessment

We will carry out a carer assessment with you. This will let us decide if you should have help from us to support your needs as a carer.  

We will tell you about our decision and let you know the reasons to explain what we have decided.

If you have eligible needs, and want our help to meet them, then we will discuss your support plan with you. 

Your support plan contains:

  • the things that you want to achieve
  • how you can achieve them
  • what sort of support you might need

We will always tell you about the support available in the community to help you. This could be help from local charities or voluntary organisations for example. 

Caring for a disabled child

Your needs are considered under the assessment framework for children and families if you care for a disabled child. If you want a separate carer assessment, you can have one.